Robbie Thorpe vs. Edward Dusk

When it comes to potential, there are few with as much as Robbie Thorpe.

The Gift has been in the ring with some of MCW’s best since he debuted last year, and while he’s more than held his own, he’s still looking for that one big win that will properly show that he’s able to live up to that potential.

The big Englishman wants to make his mark on MCW, but General Manager Rocky Menero has presented Robbie with a different type of challenge. We’ve seen that he can wrestle, but can he win a fight? Especially against someone who has proven that he’ll do anything to win.

It’s clear that 2023 was a breakout year for Edward Dusk, picking up some big wins throughout the year, and as he moves into 2024, Dusk has shown that he has one goal in mind – the MCW World Heavyweight Championship.

But to do so, Dusk needs to prove that he’s as good as he says he is, and that means he needs to make his challenge for the MCW Championship undeniable.

We have two men both at a critical point in their careers – one ready to step up for the ultimate prize, and one with a hunger to show that he can win when it counts.

And they are very evenly matched – both men are happy to break a few rules when it suits them if it’s going to help them win, and while Dusk is the more brutal fighter, Thorpe has size on his side. It’s a bout that is just too close to call.

It’s a never-before-seen match up, and while we have questions now, at Icons we get the answer.

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Robbie Thorpe is looking for his first victory at MCW. (Photo: Digital Beard)