Tommy Knight vs. Caveman Ugg

There are many different styles of wrestler, and all have qualities that make them compelling – the intricate back and forth of a technical battle, the mind-blowing feats of an aerial clash. But there’s something that’s truly visceral about seeing two big men going at it – each blow not just rocking the recipient but echoing around the audience as they realise that neither man is holding back one iota.

Few wrestlers have had a year quite as spectacular as Tommy Knight – he held the MCW Tag Team Championship with his former partner Slex, he challenged none other than Buddy Matthews for the MCW World Heavyweight Championship and receives a title opportunity of his choosing when he won the Elimination Scramble match at Anniversary.

All around the country people started to realise that The Prodigy was exactly what he says he is – a rising force in the Australian Professional Wrestling scene.

With a year like that, could you blame him for thinking that he’s the standard bearer when it comes to superheavyweights in this country?

However, there’s another man that could also lay claim to being the standard bearer, and he could make the case that he’s been at that level a lot longer than Knight has – Caveman Ugg.

The prehistoric powerhouse has also been a champion in MCW, holding the Intercommonwealth Championship for over a year, and also holding MCW Tag Team gold back when Tommy was just getting started in the industry. But more crucially, he’s proven himself to be an absolute warrior in the ring, utilising not just his size to great effect, but also his surprising speed.

And throw in the fact that he looks to have experienced a recent evolution in recent months, he’s possibly more dangerous than he’s ever been.

Both men want to prove that they are ‘The Heavyweight’ in MCW right now, so, what will happen when the two meet in the ring?

One thing we can be sure of is neither man is going to take a step backwards in this battle, and we’re going to see an absolute primal war – MCW might never be the same again after this.

MCW Icons comes to the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 30th March at 7pm.

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This event is suitable for all ages.

Caveman Ugg is more dangerous than he’s ever been! (Photo: Colin MacGillivray)