High Stakes – Tommy Knight vs. Caveman Ugg

At Icons we were hoping to get an answer to the question of who is the best big man in MCW right now? But the unwelcome interference of MCW Heavyweight Champion in Slex meant the question remained unanswered.

Now at High Stakes, we’re going to get an answer, and there’s an extra incentive for both Tommy Knight and Caveman Ugg to give it their all as the winner will become the #1 Contender to Slex’s World Heavyweight Championship.

On one hand you’ve got Caveman Ugg – when it comes to big men, he’s been the top of the heap for years now not just in MCW, but across the nation.

He’s a former MCW Tag Team Champion; he’s a former MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, and a win in this match will put him on the precipice of becoming a Grand Slam Champion. And he has all the skills to get the win.

Tommy Knight and Caveman Ugg took it to the limits at MCW ICON$ this past month.

But then you have Tommy Knight, who’s been on a well-documented roll over the last year or so – he’s already challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship, and he’s been a champion in MCW before too, holding the Tag Team Championship.

His partner in the team – none other than Slex, so you can bet there’s some extra motivation for Knight to succeed here.

When it comes to who has the advantage, it’s incredibly hard to call. Before Slex spoilt things for everyone at Icons, it was a pretty even battle between the two, and it could have gone either way. Which bodes well for their upcoming rematch at High Stakes.

And speaking of stakes, like all the other matches at High Stakes, stipulations for the match will be determined by a spin of the big wheel.

It’s going to change the match dramatically, but we just don’t know how yet. More importantly, neither do Tommy or Ugg.

This is going to be a big man battle to remember!

High Stakes takes place on Saturday 4th May from the Thornbury Theatre. (859 High Street, Thornbury VIC 3071)

Tickets are on sale NOW at MCWTix.com.au

This event is suitable for all ages. Please gamble responsibly.

This is going to be a big man battle to remember at High Stakes!