High Stakes – Mitch Waterman vs. Mick Moretti

At Icons, Mitch Waterman got more than he bargained for – he was set to face a member of Shadow Alley, and he made short work of Snap, defeating him in under a minute.

But then Jarvis, the new Junior Vice President of General Management arrived to decree that Mitch would have to face Crackle as well. It was a hard-fought match, but Mitch chalked up another win, keeping him undefeated since his MCW return.

But while he’s fought the students, how will Mitch go against the teacher?

It’s always hard to figure out just what Mick Moretti is going to do next – he’s made a career out of being unpredictable which makes him such a dangerous opponent, and someone that it’s notoriously hard to prepare for.

At High Stakes though, that unpredictability is only scaled up as the stakes of each match is determined by a spin of the wheel. Neither man knows what they’ll be in for, yet we can’t help but feel that Moretti will handle the uncertainty better than most.

And let’s not forget that Snap and Crackle could also play a part in this match. We’ve seen them help Moretti before, and we wouldn’t bet against it happening again.

However, we shouldn’t forget that Waterman is a former MCW World Heavyweight Champion, and if anyone can battle insurmountable odds, it’s him.

Mitch Waterman vs. Mick Moretti facing each other one-on-one for the first time ever, and with the volatility of a spin of a wheel that will make things even more interesting – we can’t wait!

High Stakes takes place on Saturday 4th May from the Thornbury Theatre. (859 High Street, Thornbury VIC 3071)

Tickets are on sale NOW at MCWTix.com.au

This event is suitable for all ages. Please gamble responsibly.