High Stakes – Edward Dusk vs. Lucky O’Leary

Since Edward Dusk announced that he was embarking on a quest to become MCW World Heavyweight Champion, there’s not just been a change in his demeanour, but also a noticeable groundswell of support for the brooding grappler.

Whereas before he shunned the crowd and was solely focused on beating his opponent within the parameters of the Sacrament match, 2024 has seen him turn a corner – his new focus has seen him develop his already impressive skills in the ring, as his recent win against Robbie Thorpe showed.

Edward Dusk returned at ICON$ defeating Robbie Thorpe (Photo: Digital Beard)

But at High Stakes, he’s going up against a man who wants to turn his luck around.

Lucky O’Leary was a surprise choice to challenge Delta for the Intercommonwealth Championship at Icons, and while he had his moments, ultimately, he was no match for the relentless DELTA.

So now he turns his sights onto a new challenge, even if it’s a challenge that seems just as tough as the last one. But here’s the thing that many forget about Lucky – he’s got the skills and the self-confidence to beat anyone, and that’s before luck plays any part.

We think this will be a closer match than you might think, and it’s actually a tough one to call in either direction.

And let’s not forget, every match at High Stakes will have some stakes attached to them, so neither man knows exactly what kind of match they’ll be involved in until the spin of the fateful wheel.

It makes it impossible for both Dusk and O’Leary to properly prepare themselves, which makes things even more entertaining for the MCW faithful.

High Stakes takes place on Saturday 4th May from the Thornbury Theatre. (859 High Street, Thornbury VIC 3071)

Tickets are on sale NOW at MCWTix.com.au

This event is suitable for all ages. Please gamble responsibly.