High Stakes – Gabriel Aeros vs. ???

If Eli Theseus had a hard match coming against Slex at High Stakes, than you could argue that his partner in The Parea – Gabriel Aeros – has an even harder one, thanks to the threat of the unknown.

We already know the history between The Parea and the new MCW General Manager Rocky Menero – at MCW 12 The Parea shockingly beat down Menero, leading to him enduring the pain of a stone burial. But Rocky seemingly hasn’t forgotten, nor has he forgiven The Parea. And for High Stakes, he’s given Gabriel Aeros an impossible challenge – an unknown opponent.

It’s the biggest test a professional wrestler can face, as there’s no way to properly prepare for the match, especially when you have a man like Rocky Menero pulling the strings.

There’s no shortage of dangerous opponents that Menero could put in the opposite corner to Aeros, and we know that MCW fans are going to have fun thinking about the possibilities here.

But let’s not underplay Aeros’ chances – along with his partner Eli Theseus, he’s one of the fastest rising wrestlers in the country, and together they’re making a real mark in MCW right now, dubbing themselves The Kings of MCW.

They look to be targeting the Tag Team Championship, and we don’t doubt that they’ll get their chance soon enough. Together or alone, both Aeros and Theseus are dangerous threats against any opponent.

But of course, there are additional stakes at play in this match, thanks to Menero. The winner is added to the Ballroom Brawl match, while the loser will be denied from entering it.

No matter who stands across the ring from Aeros, it’s going to be a test unlike any other he’s faced before.

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