High Stakes – Intercommonwealth Championship

It was supposed to be a homecoming for Emman Azman at Blood in the Water.

The reigning, defending Intercommonwealth Champion was fresh from a successful tour of Malaysia where he took on new challengers for his title and returned to Australia in his first step in building his legacy as a champion.

Jarvis, his challenger on that night, in his eagerness to get to the ring, shoved Women’s Champion Delta aside, a slight she wasn’t willing to ignore. And she retaliated quickly, attacking Jarvis in his match, leading to Emman’s first title defence being ruled a no contest.

A disappointed Emman still retains his Intercommonwealth Championship as we head towards High Stakes.

Enter the CHAMP CHAMP!

Nick Armstrong is a veteran of the Adelaide scene, a Riot City Wrestling mainstay who hasn’t been seen in MCW since June 2018. It was at ‘Hostile Takeover’ in 2018 where he faced Slex for the very same title that Emman now holds.

It’s been a long time coming, but the self-proclaimed “CHAMP CHAMP” has unfinished business with MCW and sees Emman as just the guy who’s in his way to claiming the Intercommonwealth Championship.

Nick Armstrong is no stranger to being a champion – his list of accolades is long – 3-time RCW Heavyweight Champion; 1-time RCW Tag Team Champion (with his brother Jett), and most intriguingly, a 1-time MCW Tag Team Champion, again with Jett.

Hungry to claim a title he’s never held before, against the incumbent champion, out to prove that what happened in his last match was an irregularity. Both men wanted a challenge – let’s see who’s really up for one.

In accordance with High Stakes House Rules, both competitors have something to lose here – for Emman his Intercommonwealth Championship is on the line. But for Nick Armstrong, his stakes lie in the hands of the MCW Faithful – they get to choose what stakes he’ll be putting on the line:


Title vs. No Title Shot

  • Nick Armstrong is not able to compete for any MCW Championship title for 1 year.

Title vs. Hair

  • Nick Armstrong must shave his head bald.

Title vs. Butler

  • Nick Armstrong becomes Emman’s personal assistant for 3 shows.

Title vs. Leave Town

  • Nick Armstrong will not be able to wrestle for MCW again.

Title vs. Blindfold

  • Nick Armstrong must compete in the match wearing a blindfold.

Title vs. 1 Arm

  • Nick Armstrong must compete in the match with one arm tied behind his back.

You hold the fate at High Stakes – Saturday 3rd June at the Thornbury Theatre.

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