Fight to Survive – Mikey Broderick vs. Nick Armstrong

Nick Armstrong is coming back, one more time!

But while MCW General Manager Rocky Menero is clearly amused by Armstrong’s continued efforts to remain in MCW, he’s also not going to let him have things too easy. Which is why he’s pitting Armstrong against the always formidable Mikey Broderick.

Like Armstrong, the Universal Swoldier made his return to MCW at Ballroom Brawl, where he made short work of Lucky O’Leary, and proved that while he’d been away for a while, the MCW faithful still loved him as much as ever.

Now we have a match that pits one of MCW’s most beloved talents against a guy who seems to thrive on the crowd’s hate.

We’re predicting that this is going to get some loud reactions in the Thornbury Theatre, and with good reason – Armstrong may want the rest of MCW to kneel before him, but Broderick is determined to make Armstrong squat in front of the world. But no matter what happens, we can’t wait to see it.

And let’s not forget, both men are of champion stock – Armstrong is a former MCW Tag Team Champion, plus he’s a 3-time RCW Heavyweight Champion, while Broderick is the current SLAM! Pro Wrestling League Champion.

This isn’t going to be an easy match to predict.

A man who’s strong by name facing a man who’s strong in every sense of the word – Armstrong vs Broderick for the first time ever!

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This event is suitable for all ages.