Ascension – Show Results

By Chris Small

Last weekend, The Thornbury Theatre once again played host to the finest wrestlers in the country as The MCW Faithful gathered and paid witness to new champions, new breakout stars, and new rivalries that ignited throughout the evening, making the Ascension 2023 card an instant classic!

“The Phoenix” Stevie Filip defeated. Lucky O’Leary

This was an opening match that truly leant credence to the name of the event. Two athletes with something to prove. Two men who entered this match with the intent on rising within the ranks of the singles division in MCW.

When the dust had settled in the ring, it was Stevie who rose from it, nailing a picture-perfect Pheonix Splash to gain the pinfall victory on O’Leary and some valuable momentum going forward in the final quarter of 2023.

A Dream Match is Made in the Tag Division

Post-match, Stevie’s celebration is interrupted by a video message from “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles! Despite the Filip brothers forging their respective paths in singles competition, Eagles lays down an enticing offer for The Natural Classics to reform come October 14th for Fight to Survive and face off against TMDK representatives Eagles and Kosei Fujita!

Jarvis defeated Emman Azman to win the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship

A wave of De Ja Vu engulfed the MCW Faithful watching this title match as the challenger Jarvis defeated Azman with eerily similar tactics used in his previous championship win.

After a competitive back and forth between the two young talents, Jarvis utilized his MCW Women’s Championship Belt to strike Emman across the skull behind the referee’s back, sealing the win by using the ropes as leverage during the 3 count.

Robbie Thorpe’s Gift to The MCW Faithful

Post-match, a vignette plays of newcomer Robbie Thorpe, who expresses his disappointment and apologies for not being able to provide his gifts to The MCW Faithful at Ballroom Brawl. However, Thorpe promises to unveil this “gift” in the immediate future for all to see.

Edward Dusk defeated Carlo Cannon in The Sacrament

Despite former MCW World Heavyweight Champion Carlo Cannon lasting longer than anyone who has previously entered The Sacrament, Edward Dusk continued to act on his darkest whims in his perverse pleasure playground.

Three sickening Conchairtos, followed by The Wicked End on the entrance ramp put Cannon away via pinfall.

Mick Moretti and His Shadow(s)

After the bizarre antics of The Rapscallion were revealed during The 2023 Ballroom Brawl, Moretti entered the ring to address the MCW Faithful. Mick introduced Blake Malik and Ryan Rapid as two of the various shadowy figures that have been attacking him. All part of a larger plan to lull Melbourne City Wrestling into a false sense of security, Mick promised that should anyone cause problems for him, the would have to contend with Shadow Alley.

Shadow Alley defeated Big Dude Energy & Caveman Ugg

Emerging from The Last Cave on The Left with two allies in tow, The Jurassic Juggernaut looked to snuff out Shadow Alley in their first outing as a unit. However, it was Moretti who emerged victorious when a miscommunication between Big Dave and Ricky had them literally butting heads, a scenario the wiley veteran took advantage of by lining BDE up for a double curb stomp and getting the pinfall victory.

Delta defeated Aysha

Fresh off his second consecutive Title win in as many months, Jarvis made an unwelcome guest appearance on commentary for this match in a clear attempt to get under the skin of his rival Delta.
Ironically, Jarvis’s interference in the final moments of the match did not unfold the way the double champion imagined, where a belt shot clearly meant for Delta instead ricocheted off the skull of Aysha, causing the young star to see stars!

An F-5 to Jarvis sending him out of the ring, followed by a pinfall on Aysha regained some of Delta’s momentum within MCW.

Winner Take All

Post-Match, Delta issued a monumental challenge for Jarvis for October 14th: At Fight to Survive, it will be a match between the two bitter enemies for both the MCW Women’s and Intercommonwealth Championships!

The Parea defeated Big Business to win The MCW Tag Team Championships in a Ladder Match

The Parea ascended to the top of the ladder in the Tag Team Division, both figuratively and quite literally.
With Slex seemingly distracted in the final moments of the match by what he thought was the preasence of his future opponent Buddy Matthews, Eli and Gabriel took advantage by taking out The Business and climbing to the top rung and retrieving the keys to their kingdom.

Survival of The Fittest

Post-match, The Parea continue to beat down a fallen Slex, putting his head through a chair and making clear their malicious intent.

Rocky Menero attempted to restore order in his capacity as GM, but his former running mates were having none of it and began attacking the inactive fighter.

One by one the locker room emptied out into the ring, where, when all was said and done, two teams stared across from each other, a battle line drawn in the proverbial sand.

At Fight to Survive, the team of Big Business, Caveman Ugg, Emman Azman, and Rocky Menero will take on The Parea, Edward Dusk, Lucky O’Leary, and Mick Moretti in a 5v5 Elimination Match!

Who will Survive? Find out on October 14th at Thornbury Theatre!

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