Fight to Survive – Aysha vs. Erika Reid

At MCW Ascension, we saw the return of Aysha, who faced a formidable test as she went up against Delta. A test that if it wasn’t for the unsuccessful interference from Jarvis, she might have won.

But as it turned out, Aysha got an inadvertent blow to the head with a championship belt, and Delta picked up the win.

Now with unfinished business, she has another chance to prove herself in front of the MCW faithful and show the world just what it means to be truly First Class.

With unfinished business Aysha has another chance to prove herself at Fight to Survive.

But she’s not the only one who has dreams of unfinished business and a big return in MCW – enter Erika Reid.

The last time we saw The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch in MCW was way back in November 2019, almost four years to the day.

Since we last saw her, she’s had success all over the country, recently became the inaugural OPW Women’s Champion on the IMPACT Down Under Tour. And now she’s back as one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in the country.

Erika is determined to show the MCW faithful what they’ve been missing.

There’s also unfinished business between Erika and Aysha – a match back in November 2019 saw Erika defeat Aysha, and if you know anything about Aysha, you know she’s been wanting to avenge that loss in MCW since the second it happened.

Meanwhile, Erika is out to show that she’s better – then and now.

It’s a match fitting of the grand stage that is the Thornbury Theatre, and it all goes down at Fight to Survive on Saturday 14th October.

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This event is suitable for all ages.

Erika Reid recently became the inaugural OPW Women’s Champion