Fight to Survive – 5 on 5 Elimination Match

After an incredible main event that saw The Parea climb to the top of the ladder and claim the MCW Tag Team Championship for the first time, Gabriel Aeros and Eli Theseus weren’t satisfied with just beating Slex and Tommy Knight at Ascension, they wanted to cause permanent damage.

Their post-match beatdown of the now former champs saw MCW General Manager Rocky Menero emerge from backstage to stop the carnage, but that only saw the chaos escalate!

From the back we saw some of the biggest names in MCW join the fray, leading to Rocky to announce a 5 vs. 5 elimination match at Fight to Survive.

‘The Kings of Chaos’ will see the new Tag Team Champions The Parea leading a team which has a vastly experienced trickster in Mick Moretti, a man who has proven he’ll do anything to win in Edward Dusk and an up and coming wild card in Lucky O’Leary. It’s an unproven combination, but it’s also clearly a very dangerous one.

Facing them will be one of MCW’s biggest names in Slex, two massive powerhouses in the form of Tommy Knight and Caveman Ugg, plus a wronged former champion looking to rebound with a strong showing in Emman Azman.

On top of that, Rocky promised Big Business that he’d find someone special, and he came through with the goods.

A former MCW World Heavyweight Champion; a 4-time Intercommonwealth Champion; a 3-time MCW Tag Team Champion; and fresh from competing in Pro Wrestling NOAH’s N-1 tournament – the Loose Ledge is back!

It’s going to be a massive main event worthy of a huge card, and when just surviving is hard enough, which team will be standing tall as victors at the end of it all?

This really could change everything for MCW as we head into 2024.

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This event is suitable for all ages.