Fight to Survive – Show Preview

By Dan Steadman


It’s instinctive. It’s primal. It’s essential.

But at Fight to Survive 2023, it feels that survival might be something even more critical, as the future of MCW hangs in the balance in a battle between anarchy and order.

The ‘Kings of Chaos’ are ready for the 5 on 5 match at Fight to Survive!

Our main event features two teams who represent vastly different beliefs: The Kings of Chaos couldn’t be more accurately named – the newly crowned Kings of MCW and Tag Team Champions The Parea, who have delighted in running roughshod over the tag team division in recent months, and they’re joined by the always unpredictable Mick Moretti, who has just unleashed his new faction Shadow Alley on MCW, the nihilistic Edward Dusk, and the recent arrival to MCW Lucky O’Leary. Together all five men want to destroy the very fabric of MCW, and remake it in their own egocentric images.

But they face a true test as they go up against Big Business, again a very aptly named team. Led by the man who perhaps has been the most consistent fixture in MCW over the last few years and has the accolades to show for it, Slex. And he’s joined by his tag team partner, a man who puts the big into Big Business Tommy Knight. Although Knight is rivalled in the big stakes by another member of the team, Caveman Ugg. Both big men have shown that they aren’t just strength, but also sport incredible skills too. They are joined by a man who offers something vastly different in the ring, and a man who took the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship around the world, Emman Azman. And finally, the last member of the team to join is a man who challenges Slex as the key part of MCW – Adam Brooks, fresh from competing in Pro Wrestling Noah.

It’s an intriguing match-up, and both teams have a lot to recommend them in this battle for survival.

Jarvis has captured both the Intercommonwealth Championship and Women’s Championship.

But survival can mean more than one thing, and there’s no clearer demonstration of that than in the match between Jarvis and Delta. In recent months, Jarvis shocked the world not once, but twice when he claimed both the Women’s Championship and the Intercommonwealth Championship, but his cockiness in his victories only fuelled the rage that resides in the former Women’s champ Delta, and she’s determined to not just get her title back, but also claim the IC title too. In recent months Delta has proven that she has the physical skills to match up against any competitor in MCW, man or woman, and she won’t be taking a backward step at all, but Jarvis has shown that he may be the most opportunistic wrestler on the roster with his ability to pull out a victory regardless of his circumstances. Will this be a comeuppance for the double champ, or further proof of his ring smarts?

The Natural Classics reunited at the 2023 Ballroom Brawl.

While Stevie and Tome Filip have been exploring life in MCW as singles competitors in 2023, the Ballroom Brawl showed that the brotherly bond between them remains unbroken, and The Natural Classics reunited as a team to the delight of the MCW faithful. That reunion didn’t go unnoticed by every single team within MCW, and as it turns out, even further beyond into New Japan Pro Wrestling, as the challenge was set by TMDK members Robbie Eagles and Kosei Fujita. One of Australia’s most acclaimed wrestlers returning to MCW to team with one of Japan’s hottest new prospects, they’re out to show why they’re the future, and to do so they have to beat one of MCW’s best ever teams. Plus, the TMDK name has a long history in Australia and specifically MCW – it could be fitting to see it reign victorious once more, but can they beat the former Tag Team Champions in their own house?

Aysha returned to MCW at Ascension.

Speaking of returnees to MCW, last month we saw Aysha return after over a year away where she faced Delta. And to be honest, she proved that she’s only gotten better as she came close to beating the former Women’s Champion; it was only the failed interference from Jarvis that led to her defeat. After such a strong showing, it was only fitting that she’s getting another chance at victory in MCW. But in her way is another woman with her own history in MCW making a return after a long absence – Erika Reid. The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch has been a magnetic presence across the country, and she comes back to MCW with a deserved reputation of success. Supremely talented and with an experience advantage, she makes for a tough test for any wrestler, but Aysha has no shortage of talent herself, and while she may not have quite as much experience, she has a hunger that could prove the difference maker.

Mikey Broderick made a surprise return at the 2023 Ballroom Brawl.

One guy who returns to MCW whether we want him to or not is Nick Armstrong, who even created a whole new persona – Nick Legstrong – in order to get an entry into the Ballroom Brawl. But while he’s proven to be an annoyance for MCW GM Rocky Menero, he’s also gaining the begrudging respect from the MCW Faithful, if not their actual approval. One guy who has no issue in getting the approval from the crowd is Mikey Broderick, who made an electrifying return at the Ballroom Brawl, and quickly got the crowd joining in with his squats. One of the most impressive physical specimens in Australian wrestling, Mikey is also experienced enough to know that Armstrong comes into the match with a bag of dirty tricks that he’s not afraid to dig into if he’s in danger of losing. But will those tricks be enough to defeat the Universal Swoldier?

And let’s not forget about Robbie Thorpe – the English talent has said that he’s ready to unwrap his gift to MCW at Fight to Survive. We don’t know what he’s about to unveil, or what it could mean for MCW moving forward.

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Big Business are ready for Fight to Survive!