Blood In The Water – Show Preview

By Chris Small

The future of Melbourne City Wrestling will be laid out and made clear to the MCW faithful this Saturday Night at the Thornbury Theatre.

With two Champions defending their titles for the very first time, combined with a contender to the throne of MCW being crowned in the main event, there has never been a time in the company’s history where such a showcase of the industry’s future is on display.

Similarly, there has never been as much of an opportunity for those who are hungry enough to insert themselves into this feeding frenzy; for when there is this much new blood, there is sure to be Blood In The Water!

The Untouchables vs. The Parea

For The Parea to call themselves Kings as they have been want to do over the past few months, an act of regicide needed to take place.

At MCW 12, Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros shockingly turned their backs on their mentor and father figure Rocky Menero, seemingly calling an end to drinking from the fountain of knowledge provided by The Icon on their terms. However, while school may be out for Eli and Gabriel, two men will return this Saturday who are desperate to teach these young upstarts a lesson!

After running roughshod in New Japan in recent times, Damian Slater and Marcius Pitt, aka The Untouchables, return to Thornbury to challenge the self-proclaimed Kings and demonstrate why they themselves are considered Tag Team royalty.

Will The Untouchables take off the heads that wear the crowns? Or will The Parea make the mighty kneel on this night?

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship:
Emman Azman (C) vs. Jarvis

At MCW 12, Emman completed the journey he began in the Ascension Tournament by capturing the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship in a compelling Triple Threat Match. Since then, The Golden Boy has been competing across the globe; including defending his newly won title in his home country of Malaysia!

However, a character in the first chapter of Azman’s story has re-emerged and demanded a sequel.
Jarvis may have lost in the opening round of the Ascension Tournament but he has since been avenging that defeat, racking up multiple notches in the win column since that fateful encounter.

Come Saturday, Jarvis seeks a satisfying conclusion to his redemption arc by stripping the Gold from the Golden Boy! Will Jarvis prove he is indeed “built different”? Or will Emman begin a new journey as reigning defending champion?

“The Taiga” Tome Filip will be in Action

Much like his brother before him last month at The House Always Wins, Tome Filip will emerge from a brief absence in Melbourne City Wrestling, returning more dangerous than ever. Embodying the ferociousness of a tiger, Tome is hungry for the prey that MCW will present to him.

Witness a new chapter in the career of Tome, as “The Taiga” makes his debut this Saturday!

MCW Women’s Championship:
DELTA (C) vs. Cherry Stephens

At MCW 12, DELTA showcased her endurance by capturing the MCW Women’s Championship in a 30 Minute Iron Woman Match. At The House Always Wins, DELTA showcased her strength by conquering “The Final Boss” Challenge. This Saturday, at Blood In The Water, DELTA looks to showcase her intellect when she goes one-on-one with Ballroom Blitz winner Cherry Stephens!

Ever the studious disciple of the game, Stephens has been riding a wave of momentum in recent months thanks to the diligent recording of notes to her trusty playbook. There are few in the business who can match Cherry’s dedication in knowing the mechanics and nuances of professional wrestling, but DELTA is the champion for a reason. A dominant force who has run roughshod over the division thusfar, This is the ultimate test of Brawn vs Brain.

Will Cherry’s thesis in wrestling studies culminate by graduating with the top prize? Or will DELTA enroll Stephens in the School of Hard Knocks?

4 Way Elimination Frenzy – MCW World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contendership Match:
Mick Moretti vs. Tommy Knight vs. Mitch Waterman vs. Slex

Four men in different stages of their career. Four men with different paths to MCW. And yet, more importantly than all that, four men with a similar desire to become MCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Last month, The House of Black laid claim to the top prize in Melbourne City Wrestling when Buddy Matthews defeated Mitch Waterman in an instant classic. Post-match, Slex, Mick Moretti, and Tommy Knight emerged from backstage in a symbolic statement of challenge to the new champion. Now, in a few short days, one competitor will emerge from a quartet of viable contenders!

Will it be the powerhouse Tommy Knight; who makes up for his relative lack of experience in MCW compared to his fellow fighters with his explosive offense?

Will it be Slex; whose pedigree as a former MCW champion and past history with Matthews give him the most seasoned insight going into this match?

Will it be Mick Moretti; with a penchant for mind games and the invaluable ability to get under his opponent’s skin?

Or will it be Mitch Waterman; the former Champion who has most recently competed against Buddy Matthews and arguably has the most to prove in this match?

It all comes to a head This Saturday, April 8th, at the Thornbury Theatre!

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