Blood In The Water – Intercommonwealth Championship

Emman Azman (C) vs. Jarvis

At MCW 12, Emman Azman made history when he emerged victorious in the three-way match against Mick Moretti and Adam Brooks to claim the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship. (WATCH)

A true favourite amongst the MCW faithful, his sheer joy in the ring was only matched by the reaction he got online from his family, friends, and peers.

His journey throughout the Ascension tournament in 2022 was truly compelling, and in hindsight his win in that tournament was the steppingstone he needed to show he could become the champion he always believed himself to be.

And then he went global.

Emman Azman on a promotional tour whilst competing in Malaysia.

Returning to his native Malaysia, Azman not just defended the Intercommonwealth Championship on foreign soul for the first time, making a successful appearance in the MYPW promotion, but he also got a huge amount of press and even met with members of the Malaysian government.

But now he’s back in Australia, and he must deal with the inevitable struggle of being a champion – everyone wants a piece of you!

Back at Vendetta in April last year, Emman started his Ascension journey with a win over Jarvis. Since that time Jarvis has been competing across the country and has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most exciting new talents.

Now at Blood in the Water, he’s out to prove that he really is ‘built different’, and he’s built to take the Intercommonwealth Championship away from Emman.

Jarvis is out to prove that he really is built different. (Photo: Rosie Di Lorenzo)

A new champion with his first title defence in MCW.

A new challenger with the hunger to make his own history.

It all goes down on Saturday April 8th at MCW Blood in the Water.

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