MCW World Heavyweight Championship

Following the astonishing events of MCW Anniversary, there’s a new king on the MCW throne.

For the third time, Slex can call himself the MCW World Champion, but he certainly didn’t do it in an honourable way. Even worse is that Adam Brooks and Rocky Menero stood by Slex’s side, and turned away from the fans to gain championship gold themselves. Right now, the team calling themselves the Icons are ruling MCW.

So now Slex is a champion once more, and he’s wasting no time in letting people know about it.

Emboldened by both his high status and having the MCW General Manager by side, he’s quickly letting the power go to his head. This is clearly evidenced by Slex decreeing who he should face first.

But while Slex is aiming for an easy night to retain the gold, he may have chosen poorly.

Someone who is no stranger to the concept of championship gold is the Golden Boy himself, Emman Azman. He’s held the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship, and even defended the title overseas.

But even more importantly than that is how he’s shown incredible growth over the last couple of years. Before he really was a boy – but not these days.

Which makes us wonder why Slex is seemingly so dismissive of Emman’s skills. Slex might be lacking in honour, but he’s no fool – he knows just how good Emman is. And with his attitude towards Emman so clear, he might be giving Emman the edge he needs to take Slex’s title away.

It makes for an intriguing battle – Slex has power and experience on his side, while Emman has speed and a fearsome aerial assault. But it’s the intangibles that really make things interesting – Slex has the rest of the Icons to give him a sizable advantage, but Emman has proven that he has more heart than anyone else in an MCW ring as he’s faced insurmountable odds before.

This is going to be something special – either the coronation of a king, or a dawning of an golden new era.

MCW Icons comes to the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 30th March at 7pm.

Tickets are on sale now at

This event is suitable for all ages.

Emman Azman is no stranger to championship gold. (Photo: Colin MacGillivray)