MCW Intercommonwealth Championship

What does it feel like to be lucky?

That feeling when you know everything is going to go your way, all day, every day.

There’s one man in MCW who should know that feeling more than most – Lucky O’Leary.

Since he arrived in MCW, he’s shown that he has the raw talent to succeed, and he’s had the big name matches that show he’s on everyone’s radar. Already he’s gone up against Mikey Broderick, Stevie Filip and perhaps most tellingly of all, at Fight to Survive he stood alongside Mick Moretti, The Parea and Edward Dusk.

But sometimes you might not be as lucky as you think, especially when you think you’re getting everything you want.

“Lucky” O’Leary returns to MCW at ICONS on Saturday 30th March

You see, Lucky O’Leary has lucked into his first ever championship match in MCW, but there’s one hell of a catch.

For over an entire year, DELTA has been nigh impossible to deal with, and she’s got two championships to show for it – the MCW Women’s Championship, and the title she’ll defend at MCW Icons – the Intercommonwealth Championship.

She’s undoubtedly the most dominant woman in Australian professional wrestling, and her will to win is nothing short of indomitable. We’re witnessing a true golden age with DELTA’s reign, and the wrestling world is taking notice.

Her next challenger – none other than Lucky O’Leary. Would you call that good luck or bad luck for Lucky?

There’s been a growing pile of defeated challengers left in DELTA’s wake, will Lucky be the one to emerge victorious, or is he going to be just another victim?

If he’s going to win, maybe Lucky needs more than just luck on his side.

MCW Icons comes to the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 30th March at 7pm.

Limited Silver and GA tickets are available at

This event is suitable for all ages.

DELTA is the reigning MCW Intercommonwealth & Women’s Champion