High Stakes – Delta vs. Jarvis

One confrontation at Blood in the Water we didn’t see coming was a beef between our Women’s Champion Delta, and the man who challenged for the Intercommonwealth Championship – Jarvis. 

Following her successful defence against Cherry Stephens, Delta was leaving the ring, only to be pushed aside by a fast entering Jarvis.

It was a clear shove by the cocky upstart, and it turned out to be a shove that Delta wasn’t going to let slide, as she attacked Jarvis during his battle against Emman Azman for Emman’s Intercommonwealth title, leading to it being ruled a no contest.

But neither person wants to let this lie, as new General Manager Rocky Menero has given them the chance to settle their score at High Stakes. 

And in accordance with High Stakes House Rules, both competitors have something to lose here – for Delta, her MCW Women’s Championship is on the line. But for Jarvis, his stakes lie in the hands of the MCW Faithful – they get to choose what stakes he’ll be putting on the line:


Title vs. No Title Shot

  • Jarvis is not able to compete for an MCW Championship title for 1 year.

Title vs. Hair

  • Jarvis must shave his head bald.

Title vs. Butler

  • Jarvis becomes DELTA’s personal assistant for 3 shows.

Title vs. Leave Town

  • Jarvis will not be able to wrestle for MCW again.

Title vs. Blindfold

  • Jarvis must compete in the match wearing a blindfold.

Title vs. 1 Arm

  • Jarvis must compete in the match with one arm tied behind his back.

You could hold the fate of what happens to one of MCW’s brightest new stars, and it’ll all go down at High Stakes – Saturday 20th May at the Thornbury Theatre.

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