Fight to Survive – Intercommonwealth & Women’s Championship

While the MCW faithful may have been loudly against Jarvis at Ascension, he managed to seize the opportunity and end Emman Azman’s Intercommonwealth Championship reign of 287 days.

But it was later in the evening when Jarvis tried to assist Aysha in her match against DELTA which backfired spectacularly as Aysha ended up out cold, and DELTA hit a cathartic F5 on Jarvis before winning the match.

To make Jarvis’ night even worse, DELTA challenged him for both Championships at Fight to Survive.

Now on Saturday 14th October we will get the rematch we’ve all been waiting for with both the Intercommonwealth and Women’s Championships on the line in an historic match.

One thing that can’t be disputed is that DELTA will have the energy of the MCW faithful pushing her forward, and in a critical match like this, that could be the difference maker.

Will our rather undeserving double champ get the comeuppance owed to him?

This historical championship match will be one for the ages when we return to the Thornbury Theatre for Fight to Survive.

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This event is suitable for all ages.