Ballroom Brawl – MCW Women’s Championship

One shove could cost everything.

Only Jarvis truly knows why he shoved Delta as he entered the ring for his match against Emman Azman at Blood in the Water. But it was an act of disrespect that had immediate consequences for him, as Delta’s interference in the Emman vs Jarvis match cost Jarvis his chance to win the Intercommonwealth Championship.

Now Jarvis is headed for an in-ring collision with the formidable Delta, and both competitors have something precious to them that they could lose.

For Delta, she’s been a dominant force for the past year, and in hindsight her winning the MCW Women’s Championship from Jessica Troy seemed like an inevitability. Now she’s putting up her title in order to get her hands on the man who so publicly disrespected her.

For Jarvis, he’s been forced to put up the thing he loves the most – his hair.

For a man who is so vain, it could be a wager that he may live to regret, or alternatively it could be the fear that drives him onto his biggest success in an MCW ring. But intriguingly, there seems to be a real hatred here between Delta and Jarvis, and we know that when there’s bad blood, anything could happen.

With so much at stake for both competitors, this is going to be a match that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off.

Delta vs Jarvis – title vs hair – let’s go!

Ballroom Brawl 2023 is SOLD OUT from the Thornbury Theatre – Saturday 8th July.