Ballroom Brawl – Second Chance Draw

We thought we’d gotten rid of him, but the Champ Champ has found a way to come back. That’s what happens when we forget to lock the doors!

Following his loss against Emman Azman at High Stakes, Nick Armstrong was unceremoniously dumped outside of the Thornbury Theatre into the cold High Street weather. But then he snuck back in, and managed to convince General Manager Rocky Menero that he deserved a second chance.

Another person who believes he deserves a second chance is the Wandering Soul – Jimmy Townsend. While he hadn’t been seen in an MCW ring since the PWA x MCW Colosseum event in October, he quickly proved himself to be a fan favourite at High Stakes with the MCW faithful, as he took on Jarvis. Yet it was Jarvis who got the win, and Jimmy was left rueing his lost opportunity.

Now at Ballroom Brawl, both men have got one last chance to enter the Brawl match itself, and both men know what this could mean for them – a chance to enter MCW immortality.

It’s the first time that these two men have met, and with such high stakes on the line, it’s incredibly hard to predict who’s going to emerge on top. But one thing we know – it’s going to be a hell of a battle.

Ballroom Brawl 2023 is SOLD OUT from the Thornbury Theatre – Saturday 8th July.