MCW Anniversary – MCW Tag Team Championship

You wouldn’t find too many arguments if you said that 2023 was the Year of the Parea.

Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros became the most talked about tag team in the country through their successes in MCW and elsewhere across the nation, and they faced pretty much every established team throughout the year.

Slex and Tommy Knight
The Velocities
The Untouchables

And yes, they beat them all too. It’s been an empirical year for the Greek Gods, and it was capped off by their claiming of the MCW Tag Team Championship from Slex and Knight back at Ascension in September.

So the question needs to be asked – if 2023 was such a great year for them, how do they top it in 2024?

The Parea captured the MCW Tag Team Championship at Ascension

Meanwhile, 2023 was a year of uncertainty and reestablishment for another of Australia’s best tag teams. 2023 saw Tome and Stevie Filip step away from the tag team scene to enter the world of singles’ competition.

The Taiga and The Phoenix certainly had no small amount of success, but it was the Ballroom Brawl match in July that saw them back in the MCW ring at the same time, and to the MCW Faithful’s delight, they teamed and proved to be a real force again.

So now the Filip brothers are back in the tag team scene, and they have a renewed focus on reaching the top of the pack once more.

They know better than anyone else what it takes to become the MCW tag team champions, and everyone knows they have a unique blend of skill and experience.

While The Parea and the Natural Classics are no strangers to each other – they’ve been both teammates and opponents in the past – at MCW Anniversary, they’ll face each other team against team for the first time in an MCW ring.

And it’s going to be a hell of a match – a champion team at the peak of their powers facing a team of champions with something to prove!

MCW Anniversary is live from the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 10th February and Sunday 11th February. Tickets for both days are available now from

  • Day 1 – Doors 6pm. Show 7pm.
  • Day 2 – Doors 2pm Show 3pm.

This event is suitable for all ages.