MCW Anniversary – No Holds Barred

The hatred clearly runs deep between Erika Reid and Aysha.

At Fight to Survive, the MCW Faithful was shocked at the intensity of feelings between the two women, ending in a double count-out as they fought through the crowd.

While chants of ‘let them fight’ rang out, the referee’s decision was final, and we got no definitive answer as to who the better woman really is.

At End Game, the much anticipated rematch was upon us, and while the feelings certainly hadn’t gotten any better between Aysha and Erika, it also saw another inclusive decision as both women took out their frustration on the referee, leading to a double disqualification.

Aysha and Erika Reid battled at End Game with the matched ruled a double DQ.

Once again the MCW Faithful let their feelings known, and it didn’t take long for MCW General Manager Rocky Menero to come out to the ring.

Rocky made a snap decision, giving Aysha and Erika one last chance to face each other at the biggest event possible – MCW Anniversary. And befitting such a huge event, Rocky has upped the stakes, pitting the two women against each other in a No Holds Barred match.

That means that no matter how intense the action gets between the two of them, the referee has to let the match continue – it can only stop for a pinfall or submission.

It’s a match with no count outs, no disqualifications and NO HOLDS BARRED.

Finally, we’ll get an answer to the question of who really is the better woman.

Oh, and you can bet that the current MCW Women’s Champion Delta will be watching with interest too.

MCW Anniversary is live from the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 10th February and Sunday 11th February. Tickets for both days are available now from

  • Day 1 – Doors 6pm. Show 7pm.
  • Day 2 – Doors 2pm Show 3pm.

This event is suitable for all ages.