MCW Anniversary – Adam Brooks vs. Tommy Knight

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Tommy Knight and Adam Brooks had very different experiences in 2023.

On one hand, Tommy Knight proved himself to be a real player on the Australian Wrestling scene, as he not only extended his MCW Tag Team Championship reign alongside Slex up to Ascension in September, marking an entire year with the titles, he also challenged Buddy Matthews for the MCW Heavyweight Championship back at Ballroom Brawl in July.

And that’s before you factor in all his achievements outside of MCW – most notably his ongoing reign as Wrestle Rampage Australian National Champion, and his Japanese debut for GLEAT just before Christmas.

Plus long-running wrestling podcast Wrestle Radio Australia named him the best male wrestler in the country for 2023.

It was a memorable 2023 for Tommy Knight holding the MCW Tag Team Championship with Slex

Adam Brooks however, had more turbulent 2023.

There were certainly some highlights – his debut at the famed Pro Wrestling NOAH N-1 tournament across Japan plus his matches on the NWA vs WAOA The World is a Vampire tour, and his early-2023 tour in the US put him firmly on the world stage.

While in MCW he also had some highlights – teaming alongside Slex and Knight at Fight to Survive, finally getting the better of Edward Dusk at End Game.

But MCW also saw some disappointments too – his first two matches against Edward Dusk were shocking not just due to the intensity, but also the fact that Dusk won them both. And he even had to work hard just for MCW General Manager Rocky Menero to allow him to compete in MCW once again after he all but walked out of the promotion at the end of 2022.

Adam Brooks returned at Fight to Survive in October 2023.

Now, at Anniversary, Knight and Brooks meet one-on-one for the first time ever, and both men have something to prove.

Knight, back in MCW for the first time since losing the MCW Tag Team Championship, wants to show that 2023 wasn’t just a fluke year for him, and that he truly belongs in the upper echelon of Australian wrestlers right now.

While for Brooks, he needs to re-establish himself as possibly the best wrestler in the country – his win against Dusk was the start, but to really show that he’s back, he needs this win.

And let’s not forget that when you talk about wrestlers in the upper echelon, you can’t ignore Slex. And we think that Slex won’t be ignoring this match either; after all, Brooksy and Tommy are possibly the two wrestlers he knows the best.

It’s going to be an epic clash, and a match well suited for such a huge event.

MCW Anniversary is live from the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 10th February and Sunday 11th February. Tickets for both days are available now from

  • Day 1 – Doors 6pm. Show 7pm.
  • Day 2 – Doors 2pm Show 3pm.

This event is suitable for all ages.

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Adam Brooks finished 2023 strong by ending the sacrament by defeating Edward Dusk at End Game!