Worlds Collide – Bonza vs. Waterman


Shots were fired this past Friday Night at PWA’s Now We Conquer live as Caveman Ugg turned his back on PWA and joined Team MCW helping the team pick up the win ahead of Worlds Collide on Sunday 19th December.

Meanwhile, Mitch Waterman caught up with his old friend Kingsley backstage which didn’t sit too well with her Uncle Jack who interrupted them and ordered Mitch to leave.

The Bad Bitch Nation went onto defeat SMS in Tag Team action later that night, but now an even angrier Jack Bonza returns to MCW to face Mitch Waterman 1-on-1 as part of the Best of 5 Series.

Will MCW be able to continue its advantage so far heading into Worlds Collide after a successful win on PWA’s home turf and playing some mind games in between?

Or will Jack Bonza be able to use his experience both now with the stakes raised as he not only will be represents the company, but his whole state!

We will find out on December 19 when Australia’s clash in the ring to determine who really rules the country.

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