Vendetta 2024 – MCW Women’s Championship

By Dan Steadman

At High Stakes, Erika Reid fulfilled her destiny by getting the win against DELTA and Cherry Stephens and claiming the MCW Women’s Championship in the process.

She was all set for a first defence of her title at Ballroom Brawl, with a singles rematch against Stephens, but illness meant she couldn’t get medical clearance to compete. And while Reid was unavoidably away, the landscape changed.

At Ballroom Brawl, Stephens was shocked by the return of Kingsley – a woman who competed in the tournament to determine the first ever MCW Women’s Champion – and with surprise on her side, Kingsley snatched the win and overtook Stephens to become the official #1 Contender for Reid’s title.

Kingsley defeated Cherry Stephens at Ballroom Brawl to earn a title shot at Vendetta. (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)

So now at Vendetta, Reid will make her first defence against Kingsley, and it’s a tale of two very different wrestlers.

Reid has built a reputation as an honourable warrior, a fierce competitor and an athlete who wears her indigenous heritage as a badge of honour.

It’s no surprise that this combination of skills, determination and pride has seen her quickly become one of MCW’s most popular stars since she returned in October last year.

Meanwhile, Kingsley has been building her own reputation across the country – she may not court popularity like Erika does, but she’s just as capable a competitor, especially as she isn’t afraid to take a few short cuts here and there.

And she’s no stranger to MCW – before her shock return, she was last seen in the MCW ring in December 2021, and as mentioned before, she’s come close to getting her hands on the Women’s Championship. But this match marks her best opportunity to date.

It’s the first time Reid and Kingsley have met one-on-one, which makes this incredibly hard to pick. All we know is that we think it’ll live up to expectations.

MCW Vendetta comes live from the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 7th September.

Limited tickets are available at

This event is suitable for all ages.

Erika Reid captured the Women’s Championship at High Stakes. (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)