Vendetta 2024 – MCW Tag Team Championship

By Dan Steadman

You wouldn’t get much of an argument from us if you said that The Parea has been THE standout tag team on the Australian scene for the last couple of years.

Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros exemplify all that’s good about tag team wrestling – a united look through their shared Greek ancestry, an innate understanding of what it takes to succeed in any situation, and perhaps most crucially, both men offer something different in the ring: Eli is cool, calm and calculating, while Gabriel is all impulse and rage. As former MCW Tag Team Champions, it’s a blend that has proved itself to be remarkably successful.

But they are former Tag Team Champions for a reason, and that reason is The ICON$ – Adam Brooks and Rocky Menero.

The ICON$ put Gabriel Aeros through a table in February. (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)

Alongside MCW World Champion Slex, Brooks and Menero are undoubtedly at the very top tier of Australian professional wrestling. They’ve held individual championships, and as the current MCW Tag Team Champs, they’ve held championships together. Are they the icons they say they are? They just might be.

But beyond the cheap tactics that The ICON$ used against The Parea back in February to claim that championship, there’s a shared history between Aeros, Theseus and Menero that makes this a whole lot more personal – Rocky was Gabriel and Eli’s mentor until that partnership was sensationally ended on the battleground of a Stone Burial site at MCW 12 in November 2022.

The Parea have promised to defeat the ICON$ once and for all, making these comments after their return at Ballroom Brawl.

The ramifications of that breakup directly led to the scenario we see today – there’s a lot of bad blood here, and we won’t be surprised to see things get out of control at Vendetta.

As for who will emerge with the MCW Tag Team Championship? That’s a very hard result to predict.

MCW Vendetta comes live from the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 7th September.

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This event is suitable for all ages.

Brooks and Menero are undoubtedly at the very top tier of Australian professional wrestling. (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)