PWA x MCW Colosseum – Preview

By Chris Small.

Where once there was war, there is now a tentative alliance. Where once there were teams, there are now only individuals. And where once eight gladiators entered the Colosseum, this Saturday, at the end of a gruelling two-night event, there will be only one!

Starting this Friday, October 7th at the Croxton Park Hotel, and concluding the following evening at the Thornbury Theatre, eight of the best wrestlers in the country today will do battle with one another in a single elimination tournament. The Prize: a representation of the gruelling combat the winner will have endured, physically manifested in The Grand Prize Sword.

A tournament organized together by Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) and Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW), The “Fight For Cobalt Steel” is one of the biggest events to happen in Australia for quite some time, with the winner enjoying a significant spotlight pointed onto them.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the eight individuals who make up the brackets:

Robbie Eagles

AKA: The Sniper of the Skies

Notable Accomplishments: 3x PWA Heavyweight Champion, 1x MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, 1x IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

Undoubtedly the most decorated High Flyer of the eight entrants, Robbie Eagles has enjoyed championship reigns in both MCW and PWA, not to mention the current success he is enjoying overseas in Japan. A member of the fabled “Chaos” in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Eagles is no stranger to the unique endurance a tournament demands, having recently made an impressive showing at the Best of the Super Juniors in May.

Robbie will be looking to add the Grand Prize Sword to his list of accolades and titles. A Sniper armed with a Sword is a dangerous combination. Will Robbie be able to conquer both the landscape and skyspace of The Colosseum to get the job done?

Caveman Ugg

AKA: The Jurassic Juggernaut

Notable Accomplishments: 2x Newy Pro Heavyweight Champion, 1x MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, 1x PWA Heavyweight Champion

The most physically imposing entrant is the prehistoric powerhouse hailing from the Last Cave on the Left. Ugg is a man of few words, but has always made his intentions known regarding his desire for worthy opponents and the spoils of victory. Ugg has been a worthy champion in both promotions, and had the distinct privilege of being the handpicked challenger for former MCW Heavyweight Champion JONAH’s first match back in Australia earlier this year.

With the menacing Caveman’s knowledge of both the PWA and MCW rosters, Ugg is one of the more battle tested fighters stepping foot into The Colosseum. The discovery of fire marked a new era for Cavemen in past times. What era would earning a deadly blade usher in for Australian Wrestling should Ugg be crowned winner?

Charli Evans

AKA: The Violence Artist

Notable Accomplishments: 1x EVE Tag Team Champion (w/ Millie McKenzie) Wrestled overseas as part of the Nick Gage Invitational for Game Changer Wrestling, Deathmatch Tournament Veteran

Charli Evans may very well be the most dangerous fighter to enter The Colosseum. Skilled at both brawling and technical wrestling, it is her ability to absorb large amounts of pain without it affecting her momentum in the ring.

Evans has participated in numerous tournaments across the globe, and has already solidified herself as a Deathmatch Legend in a career that is only just getting started.

With her tenacity in between the ropes, coupled with her talent for shrugging of offense that would halt the momentum of most other competitors, Evans has all the makings of a dark horse winner. Will The Violence Artist win The Grand Prize Sword, gaining another paintbrush to use on her canvas?

Tommy Knight

AKA: The Prodigy

Notable Accomplishments: Current MCW Tag Team Champion (w/Slex), Current Wrestle Rampage Australian National Champion

Tommy Knight is a man with something to prove.

The young upstart has quickly commanded attention all across the country, and has earned the respect of all he has locked up, including rival turned partner Slex in a memorable Falls Count Anywhere match several months ago.

Possessing an agility that subverts his size, The Prodigy is arguably the entrant with the most to prove in his mind, and this motivation may be the key to winning the prized blade that awaits the winner. Will this Knight be able to un-sheath the Grand Prize Sword?

Jessica Troy

AKA: The Arm Collector

Notable Accomplishments: Current MCW Women’s Champion, 2x Wrestling GO! Silver Medal Champion, Most successful title defences in MCW Women’s Championship history

Current MCW Champion and submission specialist Jessica Troy has had past experience in defeating several opponents on the way to ultimate victory. Indeed, Troy’s title reign began when she outlasted seven other women in the Ballroom Blitz match to win the gold.

Most recently coming off of a controversial Championship defence against Delta last month, Jessica is looking to refocus and silence the naysayers, and winning this tournament would go a long way towards that goal.

Troy’s key to victory lies in her advanced grappling techniques, and her ability to submit any of her opponents at a moment’s notice. Will the Arm Collector turn into the Sword Collector come Saturday night?

Adam Brooks

AKA: The GLOAT (Greatest Ledge Of All Time)

Notable Accomplishments: 1x MCW World Heavyweight Champion (Longest Reign in Title History), 4x MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, 3x MCW Tag Team Champion (as ½ of The Loose and the Wreckless)

Adam Brooks’ entrance into this tournament is a move that surprised a great number of fans. After all, Brooks only recently abruptly announced his resignation from MCW on social media before returning to Thornbury last month in a losing effort to regain his Championship. During that fight, a shocking, vicious side of Adam was on display to all in attendance that became uncomfortable to watch at certain points.

Despite his insistence he is done with MCW and done with the MCW Faithful, The Loose Ledge finds himself back in competition partly under the banner of the company he severed ties with. This unpredictability, coupled with a nihilistic view on an industry he once loved, makes Brooks more of a threat than he’s ever been. Will this figurative Ronin find himself with a blade to aid him on the path he now walks?

AJ Istria

AKA: Punch-Drunk Istria

Notable Accomplishments: 3x PPW Pacific Heavyweight Champion, 1x Wrestle Rampage Australian National Champion, Current Head Trainer of Wrestle Rampage Dojo

Despite the moniker “Punch-Drunk”, Istria has been crystal clear in his disparaging remarks towards his fellow entrants. Luckily for him, and unfortunate for his opponents, Istria can back up his words tenfold in the ring, possessing a ground game that can wear down even the most seasoned veteran of grappling.

Shockingly, Punch-Drunk Istria has never fought in a Melbourne City Wrestling ring throughout a career that spans 15 years! In his first appearance for the promotion, Istria could very well win a tournament that bears its brand. Will Istria’s head gain a new level of sharpness with The Grand Prize Sword?


AKA: The Business

Notable Accomplishments: 2x MCW World Heavyweight Champion, 2x MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, Only man to hold both Championships simultaneously.

If one were to select an ambassador for Melbourne City Wrestling, Slex would be at the top of most everyone’s list.

An icon in the promotion, and a legend in Melbourne, Slex has been with MCW since the very beginning, and has continued to improve with each passing year. The next piece of Business to tend to for the former World Champion is to win the Colosseum tournament and ensure The Grand Prize Sword stays in Melbourne!

Slex thrives under pressure, and holds victories over several entrants in the tournament from previous matches. Currently in the prime of his career, will Business be booming with the acquisition of The Grand Prize Sword?

It all begins this Friday!

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