Blood In The Water – 4 Way Elimination Frenzy

4 Way Elimination Frenzy – No.1 Contendership to Buddy Matthews MCW World Heavyweight Championship

Following an instant classic match at The House Always Wins, it was Buddy Matthews who claimed the gold, and reclaimed a Championship he last held over 10 years ago.

Now a new question needs to be answered – who will be Matthews’ first challenger?

At the end of The House Always Wins, four men emerged as the contenders – former champion Waterman, Mick Moretti, Tommy Knight and Slex. All four men have a real claim to becoming the number one contender, yet all four make that claim in different ways.

NEW MCW World Heavyweight Champion Buddy Matthews posed the question of “Who’s Next” immediately after his victory at The House Always Wins.

For Mick Moretti, the last few months have been some of the toughest in his long career. Seeking to bounce back at The House Always Wins after losing the Intercommonwealth Championship to Emman Azman, he challenged KC Navarro for the Warrior Wrestling Championship.

But with victory in his sight, he fell short after being distracted by a trio of mysterious clowns. Perhaps more than anyone else, Mick needs a big win. And there would be few bigger than one that sets him up against Matthews.

Can “The Business” sit atop MCW once again?

Someone who knows what it takes to sit atop MCW is Slex. He’s held every single men’s championship in the company, and like Matthews, he’s a two-time MCW Heavyweight Championship. Put simply, he’s a winner. But perhaps the big question is if his focus is really on the Championship?

He’s currently one half of the MCW Tag Team Championship with Tommy Knight, yet this is not a typical tag team. Clearly dysfunctional, their continued success is down more to the sheer skill that Knight and Slex possess rather than any sense of teamwork. You can never count Slex out, but will this be Slex at the height of his powers?

That question becomes harder to answer when you consider that Tommy Knight is also one of the main contenders. Since he arrived in MCW in May last year, he’s seemingly had a chip on his shoulder, and the recipient of that bad attitude has been Slex.

They had a number of matches that saw them destroy themselves and the ring, and then together became unlikely Tag Team Champions. With a chance for the MCW Heavyweight Championship to be decided, whatever fragile trust they have for each other could be irrevocably ruined.

And that’s before you even consider what Knight brings to the table – power, skill, a dogged tenacity, and a proven will to win. He could be a real dark horse here.

Mitch’s nose released a torrent of blood after a vicious knee strike from Matthews that plagued the champion throughout the entirety of this battle at The House Always Wins.

And finally, you have the former champion Mitch Waterman. During his MCW reign, he faced the very best that Australia had to offer, with wins over Adam Brooks, Slex, Jack Bonza and Davis Storm. That alone should tell you that he has the skill to become the #1 contender. But what we don’t know is how his championship loss has affected him.

Can Waterman bounce back immediately, or does he have a longer journey to redemption ahead of him?

On Saturday April 8th at MCW Blood in the Water all these questions will be answered as we’ll see a 4-Way Elimination Frenzy to determine the #1 contender to the MCW Heavyweight Championship.

This is a going to be a battle you don’t want to miss!

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