MCW 12 – Full Show Preview

By: Chris Small

This Saturday, the country’s premiere wrestling company celebrates its 12th anniversary at the Thornbury Theatre, as MCW delivers a show full of championship battles, a literal throwback grudge match, and a fight that has in many ways been in the making for over a decade.

Tag Team Match: The Parea vs. Big Dude Energy

Earlier this year at New Horizons, these two teams clashed for the first time in a six man tag match that saw Big Dude Energy and Caveman Ugg square off against The Parea and Rocky Menero. As has been the norm for Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros, their underhanded tactics led their trio to pick up the win.

Big Dave and Rickie Gilmore are out to avenge that loss, much to the delight of the MCW Faithful who will be treated to a match between two of Australia’s best and brightest Tag Teams!

Will Big Dude Energy rip out the thorn in their side that has been The Parea? Or will it be RIP for BDE?

Ballroom Blitz

The exciting and fan favourite Ballroom Blitz returns for Melbourne City Wrestling’s 12th Anniversary Show, with the winner of the match being crowned the Number 1 Contender for the MCW Women’s Championship!

With four participants already announced, the playing field is set for a new star to rise in 2023 if she makes good on the opportunity on offer. As seen this year, the inaugural Ballroom Blitz winner Jessica Troy used the momentum of that match to propel her to a historic Title Reign that is still ongoing.

Who will follow in the footsteps of Troy, and will the Ballroom Blitz prove to be the element that takes away what it once bestowed?

Intercommonwealth Championship: Mick Moretti (C) vs. Emman Azman

The Kid no more, Emman climbed to the next step of his career in front of the MCW Faithful when he picked up the win in the Ascension Tournament finals in a ladder match!

The fruits of that labour will be enjoyed by Azman this Saturday, as he has chosen to cash in his earned MCW Intercommonwealth Championship opportunity against The Rapscallion Mick Moretti!

Moretti is a veteran that has been the leader of a “new generation” of sorts as a wave of fresh faces have hit the scene in promotions across the region. Mick has defended the title successfully multiple times now, but most likely has yet to face an opponent as hungry as Emman is!

Will Azman continue to soar? Or will Mick’s unorthodox style be the young challenger’s undoing?

Stone Burial Match: Caveman Ugg vs. Rocky Menero

Caveman Ugg has never been angrier.

After a video message was played prior to his Colosseum match last month against Adam Brooks from Menero, Ugg’s concentration was clearly broken, costing him advancing in the tournament!

MCW Management have provided The Jurassic Juggernaut with a chance to set things right. However, Ugg isn’t content with simply beating Rocky in the middle of the ring. Instead, MCW will host the first ever “Stone Burial” Match, where the only way to win is to bury your opponent under the ground!

 A match 10,000 years in the making, who will come out on top, and who will stay below the ground?

MCW Women’s Championship Ironwoman Match: Jessica Troy (C) vs. DELTA

A title fight that was supposed to put a cap on a fierce rivalry in the Women’s Division instead intensified the bad blood between these two, as New Horizons ended in a draw between Jessica Troy and DELTA!

There will be no room for controversy in this rematch however, as the Women’s Championship will be on the line in a 30 minute Ironwoman Match!

Whomever has the most falls by the end of the 30 minute time limit will be named the victor and the champion. Which is the better advantage in such a unique match structure: speed or power? Who will emerge victorious come Saturday?

MCW World Heavyweight Championship: Mitch Waterman (C) vs. Slex

It starts with a phone call.

Current Champion Mitch has called out Slex and requested a match against The Business, leaving a voicemail to Management for the MCW Faithful to hear.

Slex has been critical of Mitch’s approach; not just to this match but to the way all of Waterman’s title defences have been setup. The two-time Champion believes Mitch had been handpicking his opponents, and selecting him will be the former Brat Pack member’s downfall.

Mitch instead looks at the callout as a chance to redeem a loss that has been haunting him his entire title reign. For Waterman to truly be the Champion he sees himself as, defeating Slex is crucial to gaining his confidence in full back.

Will The Business become the first ever man to hold the Tag Team Titles and the World Championship? Or will vindication come to Waterman come Saturday?

It all goes down in Thornbury Saturday, November 26!

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