MCW 12 – Heavyweight Championship Match

Mitch Waterman has been the fighting MCW Heavyweight Champion he promised to be.

And yet despite racking up win after win against some of Australia’s best, there are still some who think he’s yet to deliver on his potential.

From day one, Mitch said that despite having the championship that everyone else in Australia covets, he’d be the hunter rather than the hunted.

He’s not waiting for others to knock on his door; he’s kicking down everyone else’s first.

And Mitch has shown that he doesn’t care how he has to do it!

Call someone out in the ring. Call someone out in a post match interview. Call someone out over social media. And now, he’s taken the unprecedented step of contacting MCW directly, and demanding his next match via voicemail!

With every call out, Mitch is showing that no matter who you are, and no matter where you’re based, no-one is beyond his reach.

That’s why Mitch has seized his opportunity and called out another of Australia’s very best – perhaps THE very best. A man who has been the yardstick of MCW for years, arguably the greatest wrestler MCW has ever produced.

With Slex’s Tag Team partner unavailable, Slex has accepted Mitch’s challenge, and now the MCW ring will see the current king battle the man who’s been at the top so many times before.

At MCW 12, Mitch will aim to show Slex just how much he’s learned.

The struggle is about to get real.

History will be made.

MCW 12 streams LIVE on FITE TV from 7:30pm (AEDT) on Saturday 26th November – ORDER NOW

Tickets are sold out.

It was Slex who helped Mitch Waterman after his title defence against Adam Brooks at New Horizons.