The future of MCW may be written by a new generation of pro-wrestlers beginning their careers and defining their legacy in 2021, but there are two gatekeepers who appear to have very different ideas about what this future will actually look like.

“The Business” Slex has made it clear he won’t be in Melbourne City Wrestling forever and he wants to ensure the business is in good hands when he leaves.

Rocky Menero has stated he believes the entire young generation has a losing mindset, where learning is more important that winning and “Dad” will teach them a lesson whether they like it or not.

Two titans of the industry clash at Winter Warfare on Saturday 10th July at the home of MCW – The Thornbury Theatre.

In this clash of legends, only one will remain standing – and it could have repercussions for all the young MCW talent in the future.

Tickets to MCW Winter Warfare have been exhausted.

Watch on-demand Saturday 17th July from 7pm AEST at MCWOnDemand.com.au