High Stakes – Show Preview

By Chris Small

This Saturday, Melbourne City Wrestling will return to its familiar home of the Thornbury Theatre; an arena that has been a mainstay of Melbourne nightlife for many years.

However, The MCW faithful may feel an atmosphere come June 3rd that more closely resembles the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas Nevada, a city that is no stranger to the most elite level of combat sport.

The similarities are uncanny: what with a lucrative Title Fight contract being signed and a game-changing stipulation riding on every match, MCW has never witnessed such High Stakes!

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The Sacrament: Adam Brooks vs. Edward Dusk

Adam Brooks’ return to MCW last month was not the homecoming the Loose Ledge most likely imagined for himself. Attempting to prove that he is a changed man, his atonement was delivered in the form of The Sacrament; a demented hellscape that Edward Dusk has inflicted on Melbourne City Wrestling in recent times.

Brooks is looking for redemption this Saturday; both against Dusk and in reclaiming the MCW World Heavyweight Championship. The simplest way to achieve the latter is by securing a spot in the Ballroom Brawl. However, in order to do that, the former must first be actioned and actioned decisively because whomever falls to The Sacrament will be removed from Ballroom Brawl contention.

Will Edward Dusk extinguish the light of hope that flickers within Adam Brooks? Or will this be the first chapter in the Loose Legacy’s second act?

Intercommonwealth Championship: Emman Azman (C) vs. Nick Armstrong

In a battle for championship gold, Emman Azman will defend his Intercommonwealth Championship against a formidable challenger in Nick Armstrong.

Azman’s reign hasn’t been what the champ would most likely envisioned right out the gate, having had to endure a disappointing “no contest” in his most recent title defense. However, the chance to test his mettle in Armstrong is sure to provide the right amount of motivations for Emman.

Nick is determined to dethrone the champion and claim the title for himself. To further amplify the excitement, the match will be subject to a “Fan Stipulation,” putting the power in the hands of the MCW Faithful and ensuring an unpredictable encounter.

Will Azman’s luck prove better than last month? Or will Armstrong walk out as a CHAMP CHAMP CHAMP?

Slex vs. Eli Theseus

While Slex may currently hold tag team gold, most of his legacy inside the squared circle derives from his accolades as a singles competitor. In contrast, while Eli Theseus has proven himself to be a formidable tag technician, his merit in solo combat is yet to be truly tested.

That changes come Saturday, when these two face off with a spot in the Ballroom Brawl on the line! Freshly appointed MCW GM Rocky Menero’s fingerprints are all over this match; an estranged son pitted against a hated rival, with the loser being banned from next month’s coveted showcase.

Will Slex close off this nasty piece of business and head into the 5th Ballroom Brawl match of his career? Or will Theseus force Slex to Hail to the King?

Gabriel Aeros vs. ???

Gabriel Aeros is set to compete in a match where his opponent remains a mystery.

Aeros is known for his aerial artistry, ruthlessness, and unpredictability, but much like his tag team partner Eli Theseus, the odds certainly seem to have been stacked against him by GM Rocky Menero.

With an entry into The Ballroom Brawl in play, the anticipation and anxiety is surely building in young Gabriel as fans eagerly await the revelation of Aeros’ opponent. Expect the unexpected when the curtain is pulled back on the mystery opponent this Saturday!

Anth Cava vs. Tome Filip

The Taiga returns with a burning desire to prove his worth in the singles competition. However, standing in his path at High Stakes is the formidable force known as ‘Absolute Excellence’ Anth Cava.

Cava’s time away from MCW has only fueled his determination to reach the pinnacle of success. In Tome Filip lies an opportunity to move one step closer to that goal: To become the face of the industry.

Filip is a decorated champion who wishes to add more gold to his resume; gold that doesn’t need to be shared with a partner. The motivation for both men is clear, as is the importance of the stakes involved. The winner will secure a spot in the prestigious Ballroom Brawl, while the loser will miss out entirely.

Will Tome put away Cava and be one step further in his journey to become The Taiga King? Or will Absolute Excellence put on an absolute clinic?

Tommy Knight Signs his Ballroom Brawl Contract

If there is one person guaranteed to walk out of High Stakes a winner, it is Tommy Knight. Having won a hard-fought Fatal Fourway match at Blood in the Water, Knight will sign his Ballroom Brawl contract to face off against Buddy Matthews. Upon putting pen to paper, The Prodigy makes his number one contender status official. Will The House of Black have a message prepared for Tommy this Saturday ahead of the title fight in July?

Jimmy Townsend Will Be In Action

All roads eventually lead back home. While Jimmy Townsend may not necessarily consider Melbourne his state of origin, it certainly is familiar territory for the wandering wrestler. Ahead of Ballroom Brawl, the backpacking brawler will be in action. Has Townsend picked up any new tricks upon his travels?

Mitch Waterman will address the MCW Faithful

The former champion has become a respected figure in Australian wrestling; both amongst his peers and his fans. That respect has earned Mitch the opportunity to address the passionate MCW Faithful. With the last few months being particularly rough for Mitch, what will he have to say? Will his statement give an indication for how he hopes to navigate these choppy waters?

Quite literally, the stakes have never been higher for the Melbourne City Wrestling roster.

Make sure you’re there this Saturday to find out who fortune favours the most!

Don’t miss MCW High Stakes – Saturday 3rd June at the Thornbury Theatre!

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