End Game – The Sacrament

Few wrestlers have been on the kind of roll that Edward Dusk is currently enjoying. It seems that no-one has the answer to the Sacrament, with Dusk proving that he’ll do whatever it takes to win in his environment.

If nothing else, Dusk has shown that he is as ruthless as he is smart, and that’s a truly dangerous combination, and no-one knows that better than Adam Brooks.

Twice he’s faced Edward Dusk in the Sacrament, and both times he’s come up short.

Adam Brooks and Edward Dusk battled in the Sacrament at High Stakes. (Digital Beard Photography)

In shocking scenes at High Stakes back in June, Dusk threw Brooks off the Thornbury Theatre balcony which saw Brooks stretched out of the venue.

Only just returning as the final member of Big Business at Fight to Survive, it put Brooks squarely in Dusk’s sights once more. But perhaps more intriguingly, it also put Dusk in Brooksy’s sights too.

And maybe for the first time in a long time, Edward Dusk might have started something he can’t finish.

Adam Brooks is willing to enter the Sacrament one last time, and he’s promising to show a version of the Loose Ledge that we haven’t seen for a long time. A version of himself that can match Dusk in every single way, no matter what depths Dusk wants to sink to.

At End Game, it’ll be the Sacrament – Edward Dusk vs Adam Brooks 3.

But the big question is will this be another showcase for Dusk, or will Brooksy end the Sacrament once and for all?

MCW End Game is live from the Thornbury Theatre at the special time of 3pm, Sunday 10th December.

Tickets are on sale NOW at MCWTix.com.au

This event is suitable for all ages.