Ascension – Show Preview

By Chris Small

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of “ascension” contains two different interpretations.

First: the process of rising to a position of higher importance, rank, or success.

Second: The rising of a star above the horizon.

To the men and women of Melbourne City Wrestling, both meanings provide fuel to the competitive fire burning inside every individual lacing up their boots come Saturday.

The opportunity to shoot up the ranks of MCW, to shine as brightly as the star they will become, and, in the case of the blockbuster Main Event, to quite literally rise with every step of a ladder rung to capture championship gold!

Mick Moretti Returns

The Rapscallion lived up to his moniker at Ballroom Brawl where, during the eponymous match, Moretti revealed that his trademark mind games had extended to the MCW Faithful! In a familiar scene that has played out numerous times in front of the fans at Thornbury, a faction of cavalcade of creepy clowns surrounded the ring seemingly with the intent to Take Mick out of action.

However, as the video screens would reveal, the mastermind behind this Dark Carnival is none other than…Moretti himself??

What explanation, if any, will those in attendance be given when Mick Moretti makes his return to Thornbury?

The Sacrament: Edward Dusk vs. Carlo Cannon

Edward Dusk has been on an unstoppable tear as of late, seeming to have tapped into something that is ugly, cruel, and vicious. That energy will be brought forth once again when Dusk invokes The Sacrament on arguably his toughest opponent: Former MCW World Heavyweight Champion Carlo Cannon!

It was an emotional and shocking moment when Cannon entered this past Ballroom Brawl in the hopes of becoming the first two-time winner. But that moment has come at the price of a target on his back, with Edward wanting to take everything from the 20-year veteran for his sadistic pleasure.

Will Cannon prevail against this nightmarish hellscape? Or will Dusk provide Carlo with a beautiful death?

The Phoenix Stevie Filip vs. Lucky O’Leary

The 2023 Ballroom Brawl didn’t pan out the way either Stevie or Lucky would have liked. For Stevie, his wings seemed clipped once more on his quest to singles division glory when he was eliminated from the Brawl. For Lucky, his “body guy” challenge prior to the match was answered by a returning Mikey Broderick who made quick work of O’Leary!

Both men are trying to ascend within the company’s ranks. Will Filip live up to his newfound persona and rise again? Or will lady luck shine down on the fighter she shares a name with?

Delta vs. Aysha

There was a robbery at the Ballroom Brawl. In an ending that no one saw coming, the dastardly Jarvis stole the MCW Women’s Title from Delta by using the ring ropes as leverage for the pin!

With rage in her heart and revenge on her mind, Delta is no doubt looking to provide a one-way ticket to demolition city for anyone who stands in her way.

But that ticket has just been upgraded to First Class, as familiar face Aysha will make her return to MCW to challenge the former Champion.

Aysha has only gotten better since being away and touring the country. Her improved ability combined with her trademark tenacity will provide a formidable force to Delta, who would be unwise to count out the young upstart.

Will Aysha be another footstep in Delta’s path of domination? Or will she be a roadblock that Delta can’t ignore?

Intercommonwealth Championship Match: Jarvis vs. Emman Azman (C)

Since stealing a Championship last time he was in Thornbury, Jarvis seems to fancy himself as a belt collector. Seemingly not content until he makes everyone’s life miserable, the man who fancies himself to be “built different” has his eyes set on becoming a double champion for double the arrogance.

To do that, he will need to defeat a man that he has faced twice and fell to twice: The current Intercommonwealth Champion Emman Asman!

Having returned from a tour of his native Malaysia, Emman has a very good argument for being the face of Ascension. After all, it was the 2022 Ascension tournament that Azman won that provided him with the championship opportunity.

With such an impressive resume, will Azman make it a three-peat? Or will Jarvis’s ill-gotten collection have another addition by Saturday’s end?

MCW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Big Business (C) vs. The Parea

What is it with people stealing belts??

Not only was Delta the victim of a snatch and grab, but so too were the leaders of the Tag Team Division when, while tending to an injured Rocky Menero, their titles were stolen backstage by The Parea!

Clearly The Parea have crossed a line, but seemingly have still earned the respect of dear old Dad, as Menero has used his authority as GM to give Gabriel and Eli a chance to actually earn the Championships they are holding hostage!

An opportunity like this for The Parea is certainly once way to ascend within the Tag Division, so only fitting that the titles will be hoisted above the ring for them to grab in a Ladder Match!

But first, there’s a bit of business to attend to should the Adonises from Athens wish to capture the throne. Big Business in fact, as Slex and Tommy Knight aren’t giving up their titles without a fight!
Will The Parea finally be recognized as The Kings they so desire to be? Or will Big Business shut down this enterprise for good?

Who will leave champion? Who will stand tall? Who will ascend?

All will be revealed this Saturday!

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Ascension will stream on FITE+ on Saturday 16th September.

This event is suitable for all ages.