Ascension – Tag Team Ladder Match

The Parea believe they have climbed to the top of the company having defeated every team in their path.

After stealing the Tag Team Championship belts held by Slex and Tommy Knight backstage following Ballroom Brawl, the team of Gabriel Aeros and Eli Theseus declared they have what they want, and that the MCW faithful would never see them or the titles again!

The situation hasn’t gone unnoticed by MCW General Manager Rocky Menero.

With the titles physically in the hands of The Parea, Rocky has given the team an ultimatum and a chance to win the titles legitimately.

However, the key word is climb and at MCW Ascension a team will need to climb a ladder in order to win the titles, as he announced the match would be a Ladder Match for the MCW Tag Team Championship!

Tag Team Champions – Slex & Tommy Knight are two fearsome wrestlers, who now seem to be on the same page. With Slex coming off a huge Ballroom Brawl victory, two talents of their calibre working in unison are going to be hard to beat.

The Parea have racked up an impressive number of wins, but even more impressive is the list of names they’ve beaten – The Velocities, The Untouchables, Big Dude Energy.

Slex and Tommy Knight aka Big Business are more dangerous than ever before and have the experience factor competing in numerous main events.

With steel ladders in play, fortunes can change in an instant, and on Saturday 9th September two of the best teams in Australia compete for the ultimate prize.

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Ascension will stream on FITE+ on Saturday 16th September.

This event is suitable for all ages.