End Game – Natural Classics vs. Shadow Alley

Two teams at very different stages of their careers but having a common goal – they’ve got something they need to prove.

For the new team of Shadow Alley, it’s clear to see what they have to prove. They’ve got to show that their new association with Mick Moretti is going to be a winning one for them. 

Newly redubbed as Snap and Crackle, long-time fans of MCW (and particularly MCW Fusion) will know just how much potential these two emerging talents have. But will the guiding hand of the Rapscallion point them down the road to success, or are they merely doing Moretti’s bidding?  

Or maybe, it’s both.  

One thing we know for sure, with Moretti pulling the strings, there’s no doubt that they’ll use every trick in the book to get the win. 

For the Natural Classics, it may be a little harder to understand what they have to prove.

Stevie and Tome Filip reunited during the Ballroom Brawl, and the two brothers were put to an immediate test by the TMDK team of Robbie Eagles and Kosei Fujita at Fight to Survive – a test they overcame.

A reunited Natural Classics compete in Tag Team action at Fight to Survive.

But this is the Natural Classics. Former MCW Tag Team Champions. One of the best teams in Australia. A team who has built up a reputation that has seen them compete all over the world.

Despite their impressive win against TMDK, after spending the best of the year testing the waters of singles competition, they still could be some issues as they get back into the swing of things as a tag team.

And when you’re facing a team with an opportunist like Moretti at the helm, the Phoenix and the Taiga might be more vulnerable than they realise.

MCW End Game is live from the Thornbury Theatre at the special time of 3pm, Sunday 10th December.

Limited tickets are available at MCWTix.com.au

This event is suitable for all ages.

Mick Moretti introduces his Shadow Alley at Ascension.