End Game – #1 Contender Battle Royal

With one win, DELTA has become not just the hottest property in MCW, but also the most wanted. With two championships around her waist, whether they’re in the men’s or the women’s locker room, everyone in MCW is clamouring to get their hands on one of those belts.

And we can officially announce that DELTA will be defending her Intercommonwealth Championship at Anniversary in February, but what no-one knows yet is who she’ll be facing.

Her next challenger for the championship will be revealed at End Game in the most exciting way possible.
A dozen wrestlers will compete in an over-the-top rope battle royal to determine the next #1 contender for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

We already know that some big names have already reached out to MCW General Manager Rocky Menero to be included in the mix.

While this is going to be a true spectacle for the MCW faithful, it’s a scenario that takes some of the power out of the champion’s hands – how can you prepare for your first title defence when you don’t know who you’ll be facing?

Yes, we know that DELTA isn’t going to back down from any challenge, but even someone as formidable as she must be wondering who is going to step up in the battle royale.

One thing’s for sure – this is going to be a match worth seeing and DELTA herself will be in attendance to watch the mayhem unfold.

Entrants Announced so far:

MCW End Game is live from the Thornbury Theatre at the special time of 3pm, Sunday 10th December.

Tickets are on sale NOW at MCWTix.com.au

This event is suitable for all ages.