Ballroom Brawl – Show Preview

By Chris Small.

Thornbury Theatre is many things to many people in the city of Melbourne. Concert Venue. Wedding Hall. Performance Space.

For the MCW faithful, the Thornbury Theatre has been the site of massive matches and historical moments in the decade-plus life of Melbourne City Wrestling. In particular, the annual Ballroom Brawl has been held at Thornbury every year since its inception.

Indeed, the titular Ballroom refers to the venue, forever linking the fabled arena to the namesake of the most important event in MCW’s calendar year.

On Saturday 23rd July, the 2022 Ballroom Brawl will once again take over the Thornbury Theatre for another historic night; one that will create a priceless opportunity for its winner and a monumental threat for the Champions of MCW!


It isn’t exactly a hot take to say that a championship calibre tag team requires a deep and organic chemistry, something the Classics come by Naturally. With multiple reigns at the top of the division including this current run, Tome and Stevie Filip’s sibling bond and effortless athleticism are a powerful combination that few have found a formula to combat.

However, experience is a tool that can never be underestimated. In the challengers The Nations are two veterans of the game that have found themselves in the ring together has both teammates and opponents.

With Mick Moretti already holding Championship Gold and Jack Bonza recently taking the MCW Heavyweight Champion to the limit, The Nations are as dangerous a threat to the belts around the waists of The Natural Classics as there has ever been!

Will Melbourne continue to be the city of Brotherly Love? Or will Saturday night be the dawning of a new Nation?


Last month at Breaking Point, Slex and Tommy Knight took the event’s name literally when their aggressiveness resulted in the ring breaking mid-match!

MCW Management has determined that a rematch is owed to the two competitors, one where the reliance of a wrestling ring is non-existent. Acknowledging that the physicality of these two icons cannot be controlled by normal rules, The Prodigy once again clashes with The Business in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

While Slex emerged as winner of their first exchange, Tommy has been dominating his opponents in fights across the country since Breaking Point. The anger in his loss to the former Champion is clearly fuelling a rage that will be hard to put out.

Will Knight’s second attempt at a Business takeover play out the same way? Or will Slex be outsmarted by a Prodigy?


Having completed a successful tour of the United States, MCW Women’s Champion Jessica Troy returns to home soil to square off against a literal student of the game: Cherry Stephens!

The studious Stephens was last seen in an MCW ring against the formidable DELTA and, while failing to pick up the win, showed The MCW Faithful that she belongs in there with the best of them. Fitting then, that Cherry will now find herself across the ring from the best that the division has in Troy!

Troy has been collecting arms. Cherry has been collecting valuable knowledge. Which collection will get the job done at Ballroom Brawl?


20 competitors. 12 months of opportunity. 1 undisputed winner.

The Ballroom Brawl is the most anticipated match in Melbourne City Wrestling, both for the fans and for the roster.

The rules are simple: two wrestlers start the match, with a new challenger entering the match at timed intervals. The goal of the contestants is to throw their competition over the top rope until only one remains. That individual will be declared the Ballroom Brawl winner, the prestige of which comes with the ultimate reward: A Championship match at any time of their choosing in the following 12 months!

Current MCW World Heavyweight Champion Mitch Waterman earned his title by way of winning the Ballroom Brawl, as have a slew of his peers before him. The question on everyone’s mind is who will join in the elite company of these previous winners?

Will it be The Final Boss Jake Andrewartha; an imposing figure who has remained undefeated for several YEARS?

Will it be high flying sensation Emman The Kid; The Golden Boy of MCW who has already notched up two wins in the Ascension Tournament?

Could it be one of the Bastard Brothers; KrackerJak or GORE, if they find a way to work together in inflicting violence and chaos across an already chaotic spectacle?

Or perhaps it will be Davis Storm; The Godfather of Australian Wrestling whose win would add another impressive credential to an already Hall of Fame worthy resume?

No matter who emerges victorious, the 2022 Ballroom Brawl is sure to be an event that will be talked about for years to come. Make sure your part of the conversation by being at the Thornbury Theatre Saturday July 23rd!

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