Ballroom Brawl 2023 – Results

By Chris Small

This past Saturday at the Thornbury Theatre, the 11th Annual Ballroom Brawl event took place, with shocking title changes, an instant classic Championship match, and a pioneer in Australian wrestling receiving his due in the form of the titular match.

Jimmy Townsend def. Nick Armstrong in a Last Chance Match

The wandering Townsend made the most of his stopover in Melbourne where he made quick work of Armstrong, winning this Last Chance match and earning a spot in the Ballroom Brawl match whilst simultaneously banishing the Champ Champ a second consecutive time from Melbourne City Wrestling!

The Parea def. The Velocities in a Tag Team Match

Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros have instilled upon themselves the moniker of “Kings” in MCW. While nom de plums are quite fun to play around with, actions speak louder than words.

The actions of Eli and Gabriel did quite a bit to back their claims of regality, putting away one of the best Tag Teams in Australia today with an emphatic pinfall in the middle of the ring.

Mikey Broderick def. Lucky O’Leary

In an impromptu match that began with O’Leary running his mouth, a fan favourite made his return when The Universal Swoldier Mikey Broderick entered the arena to an enormous reception from the MCW faithful.

Once the ever-so-catchy theme music of Mikey faded out from the speakers in the Theatre, the swell of “Squat” chants began with great vigor, fueling Broderick into achieving the pinfall victory against Lucky!

Buddy Matthews (C) def. Tommy Knight to retain the MCW World Heavyweight Championship

It was a match for the ages. Tommy Knight has had his detractors, with some saying his victory at Blood in the Water was a fluke whilst others point to the young age of The Prodigy as if this belies a lack of experience in big-pressure matches.

Those detractors were very quickly and unanimously silenced off the tails of one of the hardest hitting, exciting, and riveting Title Matches the MCW faithful have seen for quite some time.

From the opening bell, it was all Tommy for a large portion of the match. Knight kicked it into a gear that had yet to be seen from the Adelaide sensation. However, Matthews has been driving comfortably in that gear for quite some time and was able to hit the brakes on the run of the challenger in the final moments of the match.

Respect was earned from the House of Black member once the final bell rung, with Buddy offering a handshake to The Prodigy and the entire crowd offering up a standing ovation to a valiant effort from one half of the MCW Tag Team Champions.

Jarvis def. Delta (C) to win the MCW Women’s Championship

It wasn’t supposed to go down the way it did. From the opening bell, Delta was firmly in control and seemed poised to make quick work of Jarvis and subsequently sending him to the barber’s chair.

However, through some questionable tactics that led to Jarvis’s foots being on the ropes for leverage, a new champion was crowned via pinfall. To say both the MCW Faithful and DELTA were livid would be a severe understatement.

The 2023 Ballroom Brawl

As it does every year when it comes around, the Ballroom Brawl match did not disappoint in delivering thrills, non-stop action, and a moment of pure joy and vindication for one of the pillars of MCW.


1: Tome Filip

2: Nick Legstrong

3: Intercommonwealth Champion Emman Azman

4: Mikey Broderick

5: Jake Taylor

6: Gabriel Aeros

7: Barry “Lucky” O’Leary

8: Eli Theseus

9: Stevie Filip

10: Slex (winner)

11: Jude London

12: Robbie Thorpe

13: Lockie

14: Paris DeSilva

15: Jarvis


17: Edward Dusk

18: Jimmy Townsend

19: Carlo Cannon

20: Mick Moretti

– Nick Legstrong eliminated Mikey Broderick
– Tome Filip eliminated Barry “Lucky” O’Leary
– Stevie Filip eliminated Nick Legstrong
– Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros eliminated Tome and Stevie Filip
– Robbie Thorpe eliminated Lockie
– Slex eliminated Robbie Thorpe
– Jarvis eliminated Emman Azman
– Jarvis eliminated himself upon DELTA entering the Brawl
– Jarvis returned to eliminate DELTA
– Mick Moretti eliminated Jimmy Townsend
– Mick Moretti eliminated Paris DeSilva and Jude London
– Slex eliminated Gabriel Aeros and Eli Theseus
– Slex eliminated Edward Dusk
– Slex eliminated Mick Moretti to win the Ballroom Brawl 2023

Most Eliminations: Slex (5)
Longest Time in the Match: Emman Azman
Shortest Time in the Match: Lockie

Ballroom Brawl 2023 will be available on FITE+ from Saturday 15th July at 7:30pm (AEST)