Ascension – The Sacrament

The Sacrament is a demented hellscape that Edward Dusk has inflicted on Melbourne City Wrestling in recent times. Dusk chooses to put his opponents through The Sacrament not only because it’s his best chance of success, but because he wants them to feel true pain.

It’s a philosophy that puts his opponents on the back foot before the sirens even start, as his vision of what the future of MCW will look like slowly comes to light.

Following his shocking return in this year’s Ballroom Brawl, the 2013 winner – Carlo Cannon represents a past that Dusk is trying to eradicate.

He extended a formal invitation to the former MCW World Heavyweight Champion at Asension, in a match that could mark a turning point for either man and one that will have people talking when all is said and done.

Carlo Cannon won the 2013 Ballroom Brawl. (Photography: Cory Lockwood)

Carlo brings close to 20 years of experience to the intriguing match-up and is certainly no stranger to the Thornbury Theatre environment.

Will Carlo be intimidated by Dusk’s strategy?

Or will we ascend a step closer to Edward Dusk’s new world that he has promised?

We will find out on Saturday 9th September at MCW Ascension!

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Ascension will stream on FITE+ on Saturday 16th September.

This event is suitable for all ages.