Vendetta 2024 – MCW World Heavyweight Championship

By Dan Steadman

It feels like in 2024, there have been no shortage of challengers for the MCW World Heavyweight Championship, and it’s been interesting to see how each of them has found their own path to contending for the belt.

Let’s look at Tommy Knight; back in February at MCW Anniversary Night 2, he won the first ever 8-man Scramble Match, and through his win he got the opportunity to challenge for any MCW championship of his choosing within the following 12 months.

He’s certainly been keeping a close eye on the current World Champion Slex, and he knows the champ better than most being a former tag-team champion with Slex only last year.

The Prodigy has positioned himself as a champion in the making, and now it might only be a matter of time before he gets his hands on the belt.

MCW World Heavyweight Champion Slex will face off against both Tommy Knight & Caveman Ugg at Vendetta! (Photo: Colin MacGillivray)

But then there’s Caveman Ugg, who at High Stakes in May, went one-on-one with Knight. His win elevated him up the rankings to also become #1 contender for the MCW World Championship.

He’s been close to the top of MCW before, but with a new more strategic approach, while still maintaining his aggressive in-style, this V2.0 of Caveman Ugg might be the most dangerous person on the MCW roster right now. Which doesn’t spell good news for the current champ Slex.

Despite being the first and only 3-time MCW World Champion, despite being in the ICON$ – a group that holds key championships across the landscape of MCW, and despite having none other than MCW General Manager Rocky Menero in his back pocket, somehow Slex has found himself as the hunted rather than the hunter.

We don’t think this is how Slex saw things transpiring at all.

At Vendetta 2024, we get Slex defending his championship against both Ugg and Knight, putting him at a numbers disadvantage.

But perhaps he can find some way to engineer a fracture between the tight unit of Tommy and Ugg? Oh, and let’s not forget that there’s another challenger waiting in the wings – Ballroom Brawl winner Ricky South. What sort of agreement does Ricky South actually have with the ICON$ ?

MCW Vendetta comes live from the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 7th September.

Limited tickets are available at

This event is suitable for all ages.

Caveman Ugg & Tommy Knight competed in a singles match at High Stakes with Slex & the ICON$ watching on! (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)