The New Kid In Town | MCW Wired Preview

There’s a new Kid in town.

“Golden Boy” Emman The Kid grew up watching wrestling with his grandma in Malaysia, and, with a little help from his mum, even runs a wrestling promotion, Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MYPW), which he has been a part of since he was 13 years old. 

Normally residing in Malaysia, The Kid spent 2020 literally stuck in Melbourne during the pandemic, but he’s been loving every minute and making the most of it, learning the culture, watching classic Australian wrestling and, like so many MCW stars, working out at home in a makeshift gym. He took time out from his rigorous training schedule to be the guest on the latest MCW Wired Podcast.

“Before I moved to Australia, the first match I saw was Robbie Eagles and Adam Brooks, just from watching that match, I knew I needed to wrestle in MCW, I needed to be a mainstay in MCW, as it’s the top promotion in Australia to me”. Emman adds, “I wanted to get eyes on South East Asian wrestling too. Everyone that’s joined (MYPW) all told me that they wanted to do it when they watched me, so if I could do it, they could do it as well!”

On Saturday February 6th, at the sold out MCW Homecoming event (available to stream in Feb 8th 7PM AEDT at he’s booked in a huge, potentially career changing four-way match. Emann faces Tyson Baxter, The Airbender Royce Chambers and Smash Mouth Ritchie Taylor, with the winner getting the much-coveted number 20 entrance spot in the upcoming Ballroom Brawl match, which takes place on Saturday March 13th.

The magnitude of the opportunity doesn’t seem to be phasing Emman though, “Ritchie Taylor brings the punch, he has devastating elbow strikes, but the Golden Boy also has acquired a running elbow, that I am going to use against Ritchie”. The Kid continues, “Even with Royce and Tyson, they’re fast, super fast, super quick. Royce does flips that I can’t even imagine anyone can do, but at the end of the day, I’m very confident in my skill set, my striking and my agility. I am going to win that match and get that number 20 spot in the Ballroom Brawl”

Will 2021 be the year of the Golden Boy?  Find out only at MCW Homecoming!


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