The House Always Wins Results

By Chris Small

It was a historic night in Thornbury this past Saturday. A 10-year absence broken. A 4-year undefeated streak conquered. 3 new challengers to the throne. 2 athletes who made it a Main Event for the ages. And 1 new Champion that has claimed the Gold for the Black.

James Sly vs. Shen

Two new faces to Melbourne City Wrestling, Sly did very little to endure himself to the MCW Faithful. Shen however, lived up to his moniker by overcoming a flurry of offense and getting the pinfall victory after a sensational display of strength.

MCW Tag Team Championship Match
The Velocities vs. Tommy Knight & Slex

The first complete Title defense was carried out successfully for The Prodigy and The Business. While it looked like history would repeat itself in the form of another mid-match injury to Knight, Tommy toughed it out and worked in unison with Slex to deliver a one-two tandem finisher that put The Velocities away.

Steve Filip vs. Ryan Rapid

A match that started slow and ended in the most spectacular of fashions. The closing moments included a Spanish Fly, a Top Rope Canadian Destroyer, and a flawlessly executed Phoenix Splash that secured the victory for a returning Steve Filip.

Warrior World Championship Match
Mick Moretti vs. KC Navarro

KC Navarro backed up his talk (of which there was much of throughout the match) with plenty of impressive action, taking out a veteran of Australian Wrestling in Moretti. While there was enough evidence on display to make a case that Navarro could have gotten the job done on his own, 3 bizarre figures that appeared in the crowd distracted Mick enough for the Miami native to retain.

The Sacrament
Edward Dusk vs. WAIK

While those in attendance and watching live across the world were unsure what exactly The Sacrament would entail, all questions were answered upon the sounds of the opening bell when Dusk threw a trash can directly to the head of WAIK. Further chaos ensued, with no rules enforced and all weapons permitted. Waik was up for the challenge but fell short when Edward sent his body through a chair and completed his Sacrament.

Final Boss Challenge
Jake Andrewartha vs. DELTA

Andrewartha made his way to the ring for this open challenge and demanded a microphone to air his grievances. Driving home the fact that the former Olympian has been undefeated in MCW for the past 4 years, Jake caused chaos at ringside by attacking crew members until Management gave into his request to fight the best of the best.

That came in the form of MCW Women’s Champion DELTA, who effortlessly lifted The Final Boss onto her shoulders like it was nothing, cause the entire arena to become unglued with sheer excitement! DELTA followed up this dazzling display with a successful submission and ending the Final Boss’s reign of terror.

MCW World Heavyweight Championship
Buddy Matthews vs. Mitch Waterman

Waterman’s words prior to this match proved prophetic in the opening moments of this anticipated Championship Match.

Declaring blood to be in the water, Mitch’s nose released a torrent of blood after a vicious knee strike from Matthews that plagued the champion throughout the entirety of this battle.

While Mitch showed the heart of a champion, it wasn’t enough to overcome the enigmatic House of Black member’s cold and calculated dismemberment, losing the MCW Title but gaining the respect of Buddy Matthews in the process.

New Challengers Emerge

With Matthews posing the question of “Who’s Next” immediately after his victory, 3 possible answers emerged with Slex, Tommy Knight, and Mick Moretti heeding the call and indicating their intentions of challenging for the top prize in the company!

With Waterman still having a valid claim to a rematch, how will these 4 potential future opponents be narrowed down to a sole Number 1 Contender?

Find out when MCW presents Blood in the Water on April 8 from The Thornbury Theatre!

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