Slex – Hunter or Hunted?

By Dan Streadman

No-one ever said it was easy at the top, and that’s certainly the case in the world of wrestling. If you have the championship that everyone is gunning for, then you’ve got a target centred on you 24/7.

But for Slex, the current MCW World Heavyweight Champion, that feeling of everyone being out to get you might be higher than normal, and possibly with good reason.

Let’s go back to February, and Night 2 of MCW Anniversary. In an 8-man elimination scramble match, Tommy Knight won the chance to challenge for any MCW Championship in the future. While he’s yet to declare which title he’s gunning for, as a former championship winning partner of Slex, he might know his strengths and weaknesses better than anyone.

Now let’s go back to last month, and at High Stakes, Caveman Ugg defeated Knight for the opportunity to become the #1 Contender to the MCW World Heavyweight Championship. That win means that now Slex has potentially two huge challenges to his ongoing reign.

Caveman Ugg is also #1 contender to the MCW World Heavyweight Championship (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)

Which begs the question, how did Slex find himself in this position?

The answer might be closer than Slex realises, as each of these stipulations has to be signed off by MCW management. And as we know, the current MCW General Manager is none other than Slex’s partner in the ICON$ – Rocky Menero.

Does Rocky have a plan to keep the Championship belt around Slex’s waist? And does the upcoming four vs four tag team at the Ballroom Brawl on 15th June play into it?

After all, Slex and the rest of the ICON$ – Menero and Adam Brooks – are teaming up with Menero’s protégé Jarvis to face Ugg, Knight and The Natural Classics. Anything could happen in such a chaotic match.

Oh, did we say that Slex has two huge challenges to his reign? Of course, after the Ballroom Brawl match, that number is likely to be three. At least no-one can blame Rocky for that one.

They say it’s good to be the king, but when you’re Slex, maybe it just means that everyone is trying to claim your crown.