New Horizons 2022 – Official Preview

By: Chris Small

What a difference a year makes.

While change is a constant force, and no one should ever take for granted that things will stay the same as they once were, the paradigm shift the past 365 days have brought forward in Melbourne City Wrestling is unprecedented. New champions have been crowned. New contenders have emerged to those very champions. And stalwarts of the company have taught the MCW faithful to never take for granted the talent they have had the pleasure of bearing witness to.

With so many changes occurring in the ranks of MCW, the landscape has never been more dangerous, or more exciting. Those who come along for the ride, who bear the ebbs and flows of choppy waters, will be rewarded as the dawn breaks over New Horizons!

MCW Ascension Semi Final: Edward Dusk vs. Emman The Kid

Four participants remain in the inaugural Ascension Tournament, with a title shot for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship being awarded to the ultimate winner.

In a semi-final matchup between two men that the MCW faithful have become intimately familiar with over time, fan favourite Emman The Kid will take on the enigmatic Edward Dusk.

Emman has won over every crowd he has wrestled in front of with his awesome arsenal of acrobatic attacks. Yet while The Kid has proven his dominance in the air, Dusk has proven himself prolific in mental warfare, getting under his opponents skin with mind games that are deceitful, yet effective.

Only one athlete can advance to the finals. Will Emman make it past Dusk? Or will Edward put the lights out on The Kid?

MCW Ascension Semi Final: Jake Andrewartha vs. Zhan Wen

Very few figures in the sport of Professional Wrestling are as intimidating as Jake Andrewartha. The Judoka Giant is not only a national sporting icon in Australia, but an athlete who has yet to be beating in one on one competition in MCW for over 3 years. With a resume as impressive as Jake’s, it’s no wonder that he has adopted the moniker of “The Final Boss”.

Yet there is an upstart waiting in the wings who believes he possesses the strategy guide to beat said Boss. In a landmark encounter occurring this Saturday, Zhan Wen will face Andrewartha in the second semi-final match in the Ascension Tournament.

Wen has the opportunity to eliminate a man who was never initially supposed to be a contender; a man who bullied his way into the tournament bracket while continuing to wreak havoc across the entire roster.

Will Zhan be able to figure out the right combination to defeat The Final Boss? Or will Jake Andrewartha punish the young upstart until there are no more coins to insert?

6 Man Tag Team Match: The Family vs. Caveman Ugg & Big Dude Energy

While New Horizons takes place a week after Father’s Day on this year’s calendar, Rocky Menero is dead set on ensuring that everyone in the Thornbury Theatre celebrates MCW’s self-appointed Dad come this Saturday. With the veteran adopting two hungry rookies in the past several months, Australian Wrestling has come under attack by the trio whose twisted dynamic lends itself to their self-appointed stable name of “The Family”.

However, Australian Wrestling has also come under the influence of an infectious, vibrant energy in recent times. Big Dave and Ricky Gilmore have burst onto the scene with a presence that cannot be denied, that can only be described as Big Dude Energy!

When speaking of “Big Dudes” one needs to look no further than The Jurassic Juggernaut Caveman Ugg. Emerging from The Last Cave on the Left, Ugg will team with BDE to take on The Family in a 6 man tag-team of epic proportions. Rocky has two incredible talents under his influence that may very well be the future of MCW. Caveman Ugg has the exact same situation in his prehistoric paws, with Dave and Ricky being stars in the making.

With so much at stake, which mentor will prove to hold the most effective path to victory?

MCW Women’s Championship: Jessica Troy (C) s. DELTA

It has been nine months since Jessica Troy became champion of the MCW Women’s Division. Nine months since Troy won the Ballroom Blitz match against seven other competitors. Nine months since DELTA has been waiting for her chance at redemption.

While DELTA didn’t win the championship during the aforementioned Ballroom Blitz, The Godzilla of the Women’s Division has been doing everything in her power to establish herself as the Number One Contender to the throne; dominating every single opponent put in front of her.

Yet DELTA has never faced someone like Jessica Troy. Not only does the current Champion hold the most successful defences of the title in Melbourne City Wrestling history, she has done so with her signature submission offense, collecting an impressive collection of appendages to compliment her resume of successes. 

All it takes is one wrong move for the challenger to be caught in The Arm Collector’s unrelenting grasp. But at the same time, DELTA has tapped into a winning formula that sees brute force overcoming technical ability each and every time.

Will Jessica Troy slay the Queen of the Monsters? Or will DELTA show the Champion that thevaluable collector’s item she seeks is unobtainable?

MCW World Heavyweight Championship: Mitch Waterman (C) vs. Adam Brooks

Two weeks ago, the MCW Faithful were shocked when it was announced that Australian Wrestling icon Adam Brooks would no longer be competing in the promotion. While an outpouring of support and well wishes occurred shortly thereafter, none seemed to catch the attention of Brooks as quickly as that of the current MCW World Heavyweight Champion Mitch Waterman’s comments.

The former protégé of The Loose Ledge lamented the fact that a rematch between the two for the Title could no longer occur with Brooks leaving the company. However, Brooks immediately came alive at the insinuated offer, and quickly responded to the champ about a potential title fight down the line.

MCW Management, however, have decided that sooner is better than later, and in what seems to be Adam Brooks’s last match In Melbourne City Wrestling, the title is on the line!

The last time these two men fought was an instant classic. This time, stakes are even higher, with Brooks having the opportunity to take the MCW World Heavyweight Championship with him wherever he goes next, and Mitch having the opportunity to no longer live in the shadow of his beloved brother.

Will Adam Brooks solidify himself as The GLOAT come Saturday? Or will Waterman make it 2-0 against his hero?

It all comes to a head this Saturday! Make sure you’re there, or watching it LIVE on FITE