By Chris Small

Next Saturday, a founding father of MCW arrives at The Thornbury Theatre to challenge the new guardian of the company. With 3 championship matches, 2 international stars in action, and 1 Phoenix rising from the ashes, the numbers on the table indicate The House Always Wins!

Warrior Wrestling Championship:
KC Navarro (C) vs. Mick Moretti

The prestigious Warrior Wrestling Championship will become a World Title as it is defended on international soil for the first time. Champion KC Navarro may very well be facing his biggest challenge yet against the unpredictable Mick Moretti. After losing the Intercommonwealth Championship in December, Moretti’s taste for gold will need to be satiated. Will Navarro’s World Tour end abruptly? Or will KC get the KO?

“The Phoenix” Stevie Filip will be in action

A man who’s absence has been noted in the past several months by the MCW Faithful, Stevie Filip returns to the Thornbury Theatre next Saturday!

While his opponent has yet to be revealed, The Phoenix will no doubt be looking to make a splash upon his re-debut!

MCW Tag Team Championship:
Slex & Tommy Knight (C) vs. The Velocities

To say the current Tag Champions have had an unusual Title Reign would be an understatement. With Tommy Knight suffering a shocking mid-match injury in their sole Championship Defense thus far, The MCW Faithful haven’t had a chance to fully see how The Business and The Prodigy work in tandem.

That will change next Saturday when they go up against one of the best Tag Team’s in the Country: the Velocities! Will The Odd Couple continue to make it work? Or will The Velocities claim their first MCW Championship as a team?

MCW World Heavyweight Championship:
Mitch Waterman (C) vs. Buddy Matthews

The 2022 Ballroom Brawl Winner takes on the 2021 Ballroom Brawl Winner in one of the most high profile matches in MCW history!

By defeating his nemesis Slex back in December, current Champion Mitch Waterman secured his spot against current AEW star and former MCW Champion Buddy Matthews after The House of Black member announced his intent to cash in his Ballroom Brawl opportunity next Saturday!

With Waterman showing he’s willing to do anything to get the job done in his past defense, Matthews is going up against a focused and hungry champion.

Will Waterman defend his house from a familiar interloper? Or will Waterman’s Title Reign Fade to Black?

The House Always Wins streams LIVE from the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 11th February from 7:30pm (AEDT) on FITE TV – ORDER NOW

This event is sold out.