MCW 12 – Intercommonwealth Championship

At New Horizons, Emman Azman won the MCW Ascension tournament defeating both Edward Dusk and Jake Andrewartha in back-to-back matches. Two matches that pushed Emman to the absolute limit, and yet he prevailed.

The winner of the Ascension tournament was guaranteed to receive a MCW Intercommonwealth Championship opportunity, and at MCW 12, Emman is going to take his shot against The Rapscallion himself, the Intercommonwealth Champion – Mick Moretti.

Emman Azman won the MCW Ascension Tournament at New Horizons.

Moretti’s achievements in Professional Wrestling have been well documented as he leads a new generation helping put Australian Professional Wrestling on the global stage like never before.

But more crucially for Emman, Mick is the most dangerous type of wrestler – he’s a wily veteran with years of knowledge on how to win; he’s unorthodox often throwing in surprising moves to baffle his opponents; and he’s not afraid to break a few rules to get the ultimate victory.

However, it’s not like Emman doesn’t have a few aces up his sleeve too. He’s one of the most exciting young talents in Australian Professional Wrestling today; his speed in the ring is almost unrivalled; and perhaps his greatest asset – his ceaseless desire to win.

This promises to be an Intercommonwealth Championship for the ages.

Will Emman achieve the next step in his wrestling journey, or will Mick delve into his bag of tricks to get the job done? We can’t wait to find out!

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