At Winter Warfare, it was about Championships.

At Worlds Collide, it was about Pride.

Last February, it was about Survival.

This April, it will be No Escape.

With every encounter between Slex and Rocky Menero, outside forces have somehow intervened. But all that is about to change.

On April 9, the Vendetta these two men have against each other will have nowhere to be waged but inside the confines of a STEEL CAGE!

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NEW MCW World Heavyweight Champion Mitch Waterman says he a ‘marked man’ since overcoming the odds and defeating Adam Brooks at Rite of Passage. He returns this Saturday Night at MCW Vendetta with the gold around his waist. Who will he defend his title against first?
Slex will finally get his hands on Rocky Menero – this time it will be in a STEEL CAGE!
MCW Tag Team Champions The Natural Classics will defend their championships against The Velocities.
It will be Heart vs. Soul, winner take all as Royce Chambers puts his Intercommonwealth Championship on the line against Mick Moretti’s ‘Soul of PWA’ Championship!
The Ascension Tournament will continue at Vendetta as Emman the Kid will face off against Jarvis in Round 1 of the A-Block.
He’s once again an Australian Wrestling Legend! After using his power to form the Bastard Brothers with brother GORE, what match will KrackerJak make at Vendetta?
A second and final match from the Ascension Tournament to take place at Vendetta will see B-Block competitors Jake Andrewartha and Mars Morgan collide! Who will progress in the tournament?

The event card is subject to change without notice due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

Code of Conduct:

Melbourne City Wrestling aims to be the premier wrestling company in Australia. To achieve this, we engage highly skilled and committed performers to provide the best and most enjoyable product to our fan base while simultaneously creating and fostering a safe and supportive community.

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