By Chris Small

This Saturday, The Thornbury Theatre once again will be home to the best athletes in Australian Professional Wrestling, as new challengers vie for championship gold, new rivals tee off against new foes, and the MCW Faithful wait with baited breath for New Horizons!

Caveman Ugg’s Open Challenge

Last month, The Jurassic Juggernaut was robbed of his MCW Intercommonwealth Title when the Legends Contract of Lochy Hendricks allowed the Loverboy to enter himself into the scheduled championship bout and take the gold. Ugg has been in an understandably foul mood since Fallout, and was looking to take his anger out on Marcus Pitt.

However, due to Covid travel restrictions, Pitt vs. Ugg will not be able to proceed as planned. However, Ugg is still looking for a fight to satiate his frustrations. Who is brave or crazy enough to accept this open challenge, and will they find themselves wishing they hadn’t come knocking on the last cave on the left’s door?

MCW Women’s Champion Kellyanne will be at New Horizons

Total Domination. Those were the words uttered by Kellyane at MCW Fallout when she took the Title from Avary in decisive fashion. No one could deny her claim, as the leader of The Fiend Club was absolutely dominant in her victory; a performance that put the rest of the MCW Women’s Division on notice. Now, with the MCW Women’s Championship in her possession, Kellyanne will be making an appearance at New Horizons to lay out her plans for the rest of the year.

What will the enigmatic new Champion have to say, and what does she have planned as Queen of Melbourne City Wrestling?

Mikey Broderick vs. Tony Villani

There has been a Fitness Frenzy sweeping through Melbourne City Wrestling the past few months, courtesy of Mikey Broderick. With an infectious passion for keeping fit, coupled with a victory over Anth Cava last month, Broderick has found himself a fan favourite as of late, and is quickly gaining momentum in MCW.

When one thinks about fan favourites though, the conversation inevitably turns to Tony Villani. Although Villani came up short in his 3 on 1 match against Jake Andrewartha at Fallout, Villani lasted the longest out of his teammates, and put in an impressive effort against The Final Boss.

This Saturday, these two will find themselves across the ring from each other in a match that will boost the credibility of the winner. Will The Universal Swoldier make it two in a row? Or will Villani reset and gain the victory?

Tyson Baxter vs. Rocky Menero

A-Town’s Finest hasn’t made himself any friends since returning to Melbourne at the beginning of this year. With a cocky attitude and the skills to back up his words, Menero’s methods have been effective yet haven’t exactly endeared himself to the crowd, nor to the MCW Roster.

After taking out Jett Routka last month, fellow Mile High Club member Tyson Baxter is looking to exact some revenge on Rocky, whose opinions of the young talent in MCW have rubbed many the wrong way. Can Baxter find redemption for his partner and vindication for the new generation? Or will Menero turn the Fever Pitch’s hopes into a fever dream?

Slex vs. Royce Chambers

Slex turned quite a few heads last month when he interrupted the celeBRATion of Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman to express his feelings on Waterman’s Ballroom Brawl win, and his views in general of the Brat Pack member. Slex went on to defeat Waterman later in the evening, and cemented himself as the MCW Gatekeeper in the process.

Someone who is hoping to break through those gates is Royce Chambers, who, despite possessing an amazing arsenal of aerial offense, has yet to win a match in MCW to date.

With Slex winning his last two matches, Business has indeed picked up. Can he keep it going against Chambers? Or will The Airbender find a way to pick up his first victory in the company?

MCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Brat Pack (c) vs. The Natural Classics

The Brat Pack found themselves being rudely interrupted twice last month. In what was supposed to be a night of CeleBRATion, Slex defeated Mitch in a singles match, which prompted the Filip brothers to make their way to the ring and question to commitment of the current Champions to Tag Team Wrestling!

Arguably the two best teams in Australia currently, The Brat Pack and The Natural Classics are no strangers to each other, having competed for the Titles on multiple occasions, and stealing the show every time in the process. But with a new vicious attitude from Tome and Stevie, combined with the burgeoning singles career of Waterman, this upcoming Championship bout has more at stake than any other encounter from these four men.

Will The Natural Classics regain the Gold? Or will The Bratty Ones make a new excuse to celeBRATe?

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Match: Lochy Hendricks (c) vs. Ritchie Taylor

The word “Legend” evokes many emotions. Many are positive, conjuring words like respect and reverence. But then one thinks about what Lochy Hendricks has done over the past year, and “Legend” becomes associated with villainous intentions.

No one has been at the mercy of Hendricks’ abuse of his Legends contract more than Ritchie Taylor, who has twice now been robbed of career defining moments by Loverboy. With Taylor losing his chance at becoming MCW Intercommonwealth Champion due to Lochy at Fallout, MCW Management has given Smashmouth a shot at the new Title holder this Saturday. Will Taylor finally gain a modicum of revenge on Hendricks? Or does Loverboy have another trick up his sleeve?

MCW World Championship Match: Adam Brooks (c) vs. Robbie Eagles

Last month, a familiar face shockingly emerged to challenge The Loose Legacy for the MCW World Championship. To the delight of the MCW Faithful, that face belongs to the Sniper of the Skies, Robbie Eagles, who returns this Saturday after a long period of absence!  

Brooks and Eagles have been across the ring from each other multiple times for multiple companies, but never for a prize this big. The MCW World Championship is all that Brooks ever wanted, and now that he has it, it will take more than a sniper’s sights to knock it out of his hands.

But Robbie hasn’t been seen in MCW for quite a while, and has morphed into an entirely new fighter after spending time in Japan and around the world. The familiar opponent Adam once had is gone, and in his place stands a fearsome contender, one that may pose the biggest challenge in his Title Reign yet!

Will Eagles be able to add Brooksy to his Hit List? Or will The Loose Legacy remain on solid footing?

It all comes to a head this Saturday, May 8th at Thornbury Theatre!

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