The Arm Collector Returns | MCW Wired Preview

By Jody Roberts

Jessica Troy has been making waves and collecting arms across the Australian wrestling scene for years and now she’s back in an MCW ring after an 18 month hiatus.

We caught up with Jessica at MCW Ballroom Brawl, just before her bruising encounter with Kellyanne, for the latest episode of the MCW Wired podcast. She discussed sleeping in airports, working overseas and her dream match against Candice LeRae. 

 “She’s one of my favourite wrestlers in the world, I was very nervous and stressed out beforehand”, Troy added, “When I step in the ring with an overseas talent, or go overseas, I treat it just the same as when I’m over here, it’s just a professional workplace out there, it is a bit daunting though I think, as it’s a difference place, different people, but it’s all part of the experience and it’s all learning” 

Continuing the overseas theme, the Arm Collector was asked what she thought the main differences were between the Australian Wrestling style and others across the world. “The main difference about Australian wrestling, compared to the rest of the world, is we’re so mixed in with all these different styles”, Troy continued, “You go to America and it’s very much the America style of wrestling, which is great, but in Aus you see the American style, you also see the influence from Japan, we see the influence from the UK, so we just have a weird mix, and Mexico too as well, a weird mix of different styles of wrestling, which is magical to see”

Jessica Troy tries to add Kellyanne's arm to her collection at MCW Ballroom Brawl
Jessica Troy tries to add Kellyanne’s arm to her collection at Ballroom Brawl

Conversation moved on to her highly technical in-ring style and who influenced it: “Daniel Bryan definitely did and I have old videos of William Regal,  I know I’m nowhere near their caliber, but just being able to do what I do in the ring is so much fun”, Troy added, “I think I just really try and show everyone what it can be like, because I enjoy it so much, so I really want to get across to the audience that technical wrestling can be fun and interesting as well, just as much as high flying!”  

Watch Jessica Troy’s hard-hitting encounter with Kellyanne, and the rest of the historic MCW Ballroom Brawl, now on-demand at

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